Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Little Puppy Girl

Maddie Visit 2012_6

I recently had the pleasure of dog-sitting this little sweetheart. Her name is Maddie and she is half Border Collie and half something else (we think maybe German Pointer). She is my Dad's dog, but I consider her my dog as well since I was still living at home when they got her back in 2001, right before I left for college.

Maddie Visit 2012_3

My love for this dog knows no bounds and sometimes it's hard for me to admit she has white hair around her nose and is a little slower going up the stairs. This dog will forever be our little puppy. 

Maddie Visit 2012_4

Those eyes speak a thousand words to me. Maddie is a very intelligent dog, with a myriad of emotions, and her constant need to express herself entertains the entire family. 

Maddie Visit 2012_2

She made herself right at home and I didn't want her to leave. 

Maddie Visit 2012_1

Oh Maddie-moo, do you even know how cute you are?

Maddie Visit 2012_5

My little puppy girl.


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