Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mr. Grasshopper

I hate bugs. 

HATE bugs. 

They scare the crap out of me and I will do anything to not be around them. 

Spiders are the worst. (WORST WORST WORST.) Moths are not far behind spiders. (Erratic. Weird. Gross.) Butterflies are pretty, but please God don't land on me. 

Ladybugs are slightly tolerable, but I would just rather not. 

My entire family makes fun of me for this fear, but I can't help it. They make me feel all eebie-jeebie and itchy and gross and ivylidjhsvdvdfnebf;ks - bleh. 

So, when I discovered a grasshopper lounging around on my front door flowers, like he bloody owned the place, I wasn't too pleased. But, my dear sister, who has loved bugs since I can remember, and was visiting at the time, started taking photos of him. He seemed pretty chill with the the whole photography thing, so I decided to get out my camera and have a play. I took dozens of photos, but this one was my favorite:

The Grasshopper

Looking at him in the photo, he isn't so bad. In fact, I would maybe go so far as to say he is kind of pretty. I like how his legs bend backwards and the yellow/green of his eye. Perhaps when there is a lens between the bug and me, it helps me tolerate the situation of even looking at a bug. 

Okay, Mr. Grasshopper, you can stay and enjoy my flowers. Just please don't jump on me, or we might have some beef. 

What about you? Do you hate bugs? If not, what is it that makes you cringe?


  1. they ARE pretty! This is what you need to remember. They don't mean any harm (most of the time) and just try to live their life in the world of giants. Grasshoppers are especially cool- you were lucky to have one!

    Bees on the other hand... can DIE.

  2. Oh my gosh! I can totally relate; we live in old farmhouse and there are bugs EVERYWHERE. If we let the spiders have free reign they would almost certainly encase the whole place in webs (shudder).

    Saying that, sometimes it is possible to get pretty pictures of insects, like yours! That yellow flower especially brightens up the shot. I got a cool shot recently of a dragonfly on a friend's shoulder- the sun was shining perfectly so you could see the detail on its wings :)

  3. Grasshoppers are pretty and I used to catch them as a kid. But, now I just don't like them too much.

  4. grasshoppers are pretty on the page but kinda scary in real life. same with ladybugs. i am not a fan of birds but i understand they want to do their thing...i just want it not to be too close to me.


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