Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Decorated Fall Mantel

As I mentioned in this post, I wanted this year's Fall decor to feel simple and home-made, incorporating natural materials and items that I already had in my home. I tried to employ this theme as I decorated our fireplace mantel.

Using an old enamel bowl to house a bunch of candles, I tried to work off of a very limited and neutral palate using glassware and grapevine pumpkins that I already owned. I also incorporated my home-made, yarn-wrapped pumpkins. (You can see how to make them here.)

I love these white pedestals. I made them for a baby shower back in the Spring and I have used them for a million things. To see how to make them (it's SO easy), click here


I know this post isn't about tiles, but I just have to say that replacing those tiles around our fireplace is HIGH up on my list of 'MUST D.I.Y. STAT' projects. They came with the house and I cannot stand them. Anyway...

I think Fall decor is some of my favorite. Ushering in the cooler months is something I am always ready for. One of the things I really struggled with while living in Southern California was the lack of seasons. I crave the quarterly changes.  

I also added a few items to the table in our foyer, trying to keep with the 'natural' theme.

Perhaps, except for the green, glittery pumpkin. I always need a little glitter around during any holiday season. 

What are you most excited about this Autumn?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. wait- your house looks really good! makes me want to have one that I can paint... and one with a garage so I don't have to have all my storage everywhere. JEALOUS.

  2. Love your foyer tablescaping! And mirror....


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