Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birthday Fun

Ryan's Birthday_9
Make a wish! Birthday cake complete with trucker hat party favors. 

We recently celebrated the 33rd birthday of my friend Ryanwith his wife Ari and their beautiful daughter Adi. Ryan and Ari are high school sweethearts and I met them back in college when I was 19. My boyfriend at the time was in the same fraternity as Ryan and, while that relationship is long since over, I always thought one of the perks from it was getting to know these two. 

Ryan's Birthday_3

Ryan's Birthday_2

As always, Ari put together a lovely little spread (complete with large tissue paper pom-poms). She is a trained chef and always makes the most delicious food. 

Ryan's Birthday_6

It was somewhat of an Octoberfest theme, with Bratwurst and all the fixings. But, the difference between Ari's fixings and mine is hers are ridiculously awesome and look like they come from a magazine.

Ryan's Birthday_5

Ryan's Birthday_4

Ryan's Birthday_12

Ryan's Birthday_11
This spinach artichoke dip was out. of. control.

Ryan's Birthday

Ryan's Birthday_8

If you ever see this wine, buy it and drink it. It was one of the smoothest red wines I have ever had.

Ryan's Birthday_7

German Chocolate Cake. Uhm...OKAY. 

Ryan's Birthday_1

And peanut butter sandwiches for "the kiddos."

Speaking of kiddos, I give you a little photo montage that I call:


Ryan's Birthday_13

Ryan's Birthday_14

Ryan's Birthday_15

Ryan's Birthday_19

Ryan's Birthday_16

Ryan's Birthday_18

Ryan's Birthday_20

Ryan's Birthday_21

Ryan's Birthday_22
Yay! She did it!
(oh how I wish this photo was in focus!!!)

Happy Birthday Ryan! May this 33rd year of your life be the best one yet! And thank you, Ari, for the lovely party. 


  1. Ah! What a great little birthday! As always, in love with your photos. They're always so great!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks for all the great pics, Joc! And thanks again for your help with the hats :) -Ari

  4. This photo montage almost made me cry!! I'm so bummed we missed the party. It looks like another great Sherlock party. And now I'm super hungry...

  5. What a nice get together. Great photo montage of little Adi.

  6. Wow, such appetizing food photos! Sounds like it was a pretty sweet party :)


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