Monday, October 1, 2012

Adorable Yarn-Wrapped Pumpkins

I wanted to do something different this year with my Fall decor. The past month has been all about trying to simplify in my life, which included going through a lot of old boxes, clearing out clutter and organizing. I felt like carrying that theme into Fall and keeping the decor simple. For me, this meant using natural materials, items I already had and a neutral palate.  

I've always been drawn to the home-spun look, so I decided to try wrapping yarn around foam pumpkins, which I bought at a craft store. I used a glue gun to attach the yarn and just went for it, with no specific plan in mind.

This pumpkin had a plastic "stem", which I pulled out and set aside, before doing anything else. I started with one of the smaller pumpkins, almost as practice, and wrapped the yarn around, gluing as I went along. Sometimes the yarn wasn't as close together as I wanted, so I used a toothpick to push the rows together. This also helped cut down on glue gun burns. (Ouch!)

Some of the pumpkins had foam stems, which I simply sliced off with a razor knife. Don't worry if it's not a clean cut. It's okay. I promise.

For this larger pumpkin, I measured how long each piece of yarn needed to be to go all the way around and then cut a pile to length. (I actually found this way to be easier than the wrapping method.) Then, piece by piece, I glued on the yarn and used my toothpick to keep the rows close. 

To cover the rough edges around the top, I glued a few pieces in a circular pattern, which I thought looked cute. Make sure you leave space to glue your stem back on!

And I did something similar to the bottom of the pumpkin as well.

For the stems, I glued on some old twine in a circular pattern, starting in the middle of the small tip of the stem, and worked down to the wider part.

I then took my glue gun and generously applied glue to the top of the pumpkin, in the well created by the yarn. Working quickly, I pressed the twine-wrapped stem onto the top and held for a few seconds until the glue dried enough to hold the stem firm.

For the gourd, due to it's odd (and lovely) shape, I wrapped the yarn around it in one continuous string, gluing as I went along. While the picture shows that I started at the thin tip, I would recommend starting at the base instead. It will be easier for you to keep the yarn in a more fluid pattern around the neck.

Also, you might find that there will be times when you have to cut little pieces of yarn here and there, to fill in gaps. That is totally fine. I did a lot of that, and in the end, you really cannot tell. This was a totally free-form project where I really had no expectations, so I just made it work.

Here is my messy little workspace. I did everything on the flattened lid of a cardboard box.

Overall, I am really happy with how these turned out.

They completely embody that home-made, simple look that I was going for and I find them to be really sweet.

I will be honest, however, that this is not the fastest project in the world. It took me a few nights to get them done, while I watched highly civilized television MasterChef and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.(Yes...I know...oh the shame.)

These pumpkins are going to take center stage on my mantel above our fireplace. Don't you love when a project you conceptualize actually works out? It is so gratifying.

What about you? Any fun Fall decor ideas to share?


  1. yeah those look really cute, I like them. Where are you putting them up in your house? Also, my mind was in the gutter a little bit with the squash. lol.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! Love what you've done with the pumpkins...very creative and they also have an elegant look to them. You've great ideas on your blog..thanks for sharing and thanks again for stopping by!

  3. These yarn pumpkins are so cute! I love the way you used the twine for the stems versus the yarn for the rest of the pumpkin.


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