Monday, September 17, 2012

Sisterly Love

Me (left) and my younger sister, Caitlin on the right
I have spent a lot of time lately at my Mom's house, helping her clear out boxes of my, and my siblingschildhood keepsakes. A lot of items have been donated and old artwork recycled, but there are a few items I've found that I cannot part with.

One of these little gems is an essay my sister wrote when she was about 13 or 14. Two things I should note before you read this: 1) She wrote this during a time when we were not getting along very well, and 2) My sister calls me 'Jocie'. 

As soon as I found it, I read it aloud to my sister and were crying with laughter. Here it is:

Jocie's Face
by Caitlin Stott - Per. 3

I never wanted freckles. 

I remember one summer's eve when I spent a whole day outside in the sun. That night I ran to the bathroom and one freckle appeared on my nose. 

"I look like Jocie!" I screamed in disgust. 

Jocie ran in the bathroom to defend herself. As we pressed our faces against the glass, I examined her. 

Her usual light skin was burnt and peeling. Her nose was now smothered in brown from freckles that connected. I remember thinking how ugly she was. 

In middle school Jocelyn hit an awkward stage, gaining weight. Her face got bigger. One day I looked at her face and she had gained weight. She was the ugliest person I'd ever met.

And that was it. End of story. Caitlin had an ugly, freckled sister who had gained weight in middle school. Riveting story - no doubt her teacher was impressed.

Some of you might think I would take offense to finding this, or that my sister was unusually cruel, but neither is true. We tortured each other equally back then but she is truly one of my best friends today and I love her to death. This bratty little essay merely served as a trip down memory lane to a time when we fought over anything and everything. Fortunately now, we can laugh about it in a way that we could not laugh with anyone else. I am sure everyone out there with a sister can relate.

Love you Caitie, you annoying little sister, you!


  1. LOLOLOLOLOL, hahahah I can't believe I wrote that. Like for real- imagine my angry face penning this.

  2. I'm seriously crying reading this again.

  3. Bitter and cruel middle children should not be let off the hook that easily. ;)

  4. PS. I am bitter, but only because I am NOT ginger.

  5. I was the annoying little sister in my family, but as adults my sis and I are the best of friends too! xxoo

  6. hahahahaahahaha! wow Caitlin what a bully!
    But i definately can relate to the sister thing, my sister is my best friend but we've been known to fight to the point that we've slapped each other in the face before out of pure frustration... oops :/


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