Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Simple Pleasures

I recently bought myself a bouquet of pale blue hydrangea, split it up into different vases and placed them around the house. On a few of the vases, I wrapped some burlap ribbon around the middle, attaching with double-sided sticky tape.

Since I am currently at home between work projects, I have really been able to enjoy these beautiful flowers all around my house.

I've really been trying to take the time to enjoy the simple things. This sounds so trite, but I know that, for me, it is something that I have to make a conscious effort to do sometimes. I naturally tend to think about, and plan for, the future (constantly) and living in the moment can be tough.

Ever since I was young, I have loved hydrangea. They are whimsical, dainty and simply stunning.

What little pleasures have you appreciated lately?


  1. I LOVE blue hydrangeas. They remind me of my wedding. We had gobs of them. So pretty. Astonishingly, I have loved the pleasure of jumping on my treadmill for thirty minutes during the boy's nap time. Our room that holds the treadmill is finally in order so I don't get distracted or feel guilty when I decide to exercise. And secondly, Downton Abbey. My sweet hubs bought me season one and two, and I have introduced them to friends that come over on Tuesday nights to watch them with me after the babies are down. Reminds me of carefree single days :).

  2. Ugh! I can't see your pictures anymore (don't freak out, it's my work not you). I'll look later.

  3. There is something so lovely and yes, whimsical, about those hydrangea arrangements. Simple pleasures, hmmmm...
    Morning walks/jogs! I love the light at 6:45/7 am, and it's so nice and cool out.
    A lovely note I just received from a fellow blogger.
    Sweeping the colorful fallen leaves off the entryway at home :)

  4. Oh, how clever ~
    Beautiful images here. Thanks for stopping by my place.

  5. They are my favorites too. But mine are deep purple for some reason- I think it's something in my soil. Very pretty.

    I Love the photos girly! Super cute.


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