Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Love Me Some Famouses

**Warning - this is maybe the most worthless post ever, but I am writing it anyway**

I have a secret talent. Some might even go so far as to call it a gift, but who am I to say, really. Whatever it is, it follows me wherever I go and never ceases to amaze me. Since I know you are likely dying with anticipation, I will divulge. 

I spot famous people. 

I spot them everywhere. In cities all around the place. If they are around, living their lives, I will see them. It's just the way it is. I don't even try to find them - they come to me. 

Okay, that isn't totally true. When I was going to film school in Southern California, I will admit that my senses were particularly heightened whenever a car with blacked-out windows drove by or there were paparazzi lingering, but the majority of my sightings have been completely by chance. As pointless as this "gift" is, it has become something that is a real kick-in-the-pants for me and I enjoy bragging about it. I mean, why not brag about it? If I could sing or tap dance or stick my fist in my mouth, I would brag about that. It just so happens celebrity sightings are my thang.  

So, without further ado (because I know you want to know) here is my list of sightings, in no particular order:

- Ben Affleck
- Justin Timberlake
- Jennifer Aniston (Spotted her 2x, met her 1x. That's a story for another day)
- Gnarls Barkley
- Dakota Fanning
- Matthew Perry (I've spotted him twice)
- Meridith Vieira
- Mariel Hemingway
- Ricky Martin
- Hoda Kotb
- Carson Daly
- Rob Lowe
- Don Johnson
- Jack Osbourne
- Daryl Hannah
- Rosie O'Donnell
- Tommy Lee
- Frances McDormand
- John Malkovich
- John C Reilly
- Shannon Elizabeth
- Terry Hatcher
- Henry Winkler
- Terrence Howard
- Bai Ling
- Catherine Keener
- Arnold Schwarzenegger
- All three Lawrence Brothers (y'know..."Whoa!" and Mrs. Doubtfire)
- Jonathan Ross
- Jeff Bridges
- Art Alexakis
- Rob Thomas
- Joan Cusack
- Jason Isaacs
- Lucy Liu
- Lili Taylor
- Trista Sutter
- John Travolta
- Edward Burns
- Lisa Kudrow
- Michael Patrick King
- Tom Hanks

Aaaand...that is about all I can think of now. I know I am missing a few, but oh well. Isn't that kind of a crazy list?? I think so...

To round off the absolute worthlessness of this post, I will say that there are a few people not on my list that I would die to see. I know that, no matter what, I would have a hard time keeping my composure around them. The top three are:

- Leonardo Dicaprio (The LOOOOVE of my life in my teen years)
- Oprah (The Queen of all that is good in the world)
- The Queen of England (Some say she's stuffy. I think she's cool)

So there you have little gift. It might not be prolific. It might not be for the common good. It might not have a single purpose in the entire world, but, it does make me smile. 

Happy Thursday!! 


  1. Sooooo, you're kinda famous just by association! I think this is totally cool! I can name the famous people I have seen on ONE hand!! My claim to fame is that I have a cousin that is married to a member of a famous rock band. We hang out. (ok, once. We hung out once. Ha!)

    1. Hey! That is really cool, I think!!!

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  2. yes but I SPOKE to Justin Timberlake, ha! I hope the two times Jennifer Aniston didn't include that fake picture... fool. haha. I still own her.

    That's cool though. I would die to meet Tom Hanks and cuddle with him. I'm not attracted to him, I just feel like I would feel safe if America's Father held me for a moment.

    1. Oh yeah!! I've seen Tom Hanks too...thanks for the reminder. I am adding him to the list. And no, my two times doesn't count the fake picture. She is mine :)

  3. lol - I don't think my list is quite as long but here goes - in no particular order. We have a couple in common!!

    Dana Delaney
    Kevin Costner
    Melanie Griffith
    Linda Carter
    Gabriel Byrne
    Kristin Chenowith
    Sean Hayes
    Mandy Moore
    Michael Douglas (met him. I was quite intoxicated. He quite literally patted me on the head)
    Sandra Bullock (in the next row at a Broadway play)
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    All 3 Jonas Brothers (jealous?)
    Jason Lee
    Chelsea Clinton
    Taylor Momson
    Kirsten Dunst
    Maroon Five (at The Roosevelt Hotel in LA)
    Jake Gyllenhall (on the beach in Martha's Vineyard with his dog - Atticus)
    Halle Berry
    Phil Collins
    Rob Thomas
    Wolf Blitzer
    Patti LaBelle
    Lorenzo Lamas
    Carrie Underwood
    Andy Roddick

    1. oh i forgot Paul Rudd. and Bill Clinton separate from Chelsea.

    2. That is a GOOD list! You live in prime famouses (yes...I know it's a made up word) territory. How cool to see Bill Clinton! I think I would die.

    3. I also lived in Aspen for a few months - that got me a good bit of access to the famouses.

      Bill Clinton was presenting at a conference that was held right before one of my meetings. I didn't know he was there until the hotel had to tell the Secret Service to let me upstairs!!! Then my hotel contact told me to hang out until he finished so I could see him. lol!

    4. I totally would have done the same thing.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. wait, do you keep this list in your computer? or do you just know it all by heart?! lol, that is an impressive list. living in southern california, i've seen more than the fair share, but that is craziness! :)


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