Thursday, August 30, 2012


I recently had my Macy's credit card account breached online, and someone ordered themselves a new wardrobe, of really heinous clothes, I might add. SO shocking that they have a horrible taste in clothes. It reminds me of this scene from the movie The Hangover:

Stu Price: Why would you give us ecstasy?
Alan Garner: Cause I wanted everybody to have a good time and I knew you guys wouldn't take it. It was just one hit each. I used to do three hits a night.
Stu Price: But it wasn't ecstasy, Alan. It was roofies!
Alan Garner: You think I knew that, Stu? The guy I bought it from seemed like he was a real straight shooter.
Stu Price: [sarcastically] I'm sorry, you mean the drug dealer at the liquor store wasn't a good guy?

Anyhoo - I discovered this had happened upon receiving an email "confirming my order." Knowing I hadn't ordered anything, I looked into it and sure enough, it was fraud. 

Because they did this all through my online account, I was able to see where the items were being shipped, and did a little Google street view of the building. To my major "EW!" factor, everything was being sent to a pawn shop just outside of Annapolis, Maryland. 

{Please reread scene from above said movie for my thoughts on this}

Of course, I did all of the necessary steps: reset my password, filed a fraud claim and contacted the local police in the town to let them know that they have a pawn shop in their area that is doing some shady business. In total, about 3 hours of my life went to sorting all of this out, and it was 3 hours that I'll never get back.

There really isn't anything else that I can do.

Except...I have their address. He he he. 

Though I am not proud to admit it, my husband and I have had quite a good time coming up with things that I could send them, you know, to go along with all of their free (fugly) clothes. Here my 3 current fav's:

* Order 30 pizzas to be delivered to their place of business sketchiness, once or twice a week. A classic high school prank that I still think holds some value in this world. 

*A large shipment of live crickets. Yes, you can mail-order live crickets. (**I may or may not have been involved in a senior prank at my high school involving thousands of live crickets**)

* A box of dog poop. I think this is my current favorite because, really, what is grosser? 

What about you? Can you come up with any fun items I could send these little lambs?

(Please note I have no intention of actually sending a darn thing - I just enjoy thinking about it...)

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  1. omg! gross!!! wait... we should discuss this for real though because... I might... I would never...

    That's annoying- like get a life. Goes along with our PACKAGES too!!! So annoying!!!


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