Friday, June 1, 2012


This is my 6th time visiting England and it continues to charm me. It is such a beautiful place that is steeped in tradition and culture and I don't see myself tiring of it any time soon. This past week we have been staying with Dan's Mum and Step-Dad at their beautiful old English farmhouse, complete with red brick, lush green ivy growing up the side of the house and brightly colored flowers in full bloom. 

Since arriving we have done a lot of relaxing, which we needed, but have also gone to see some of the sights around town. Here are a few of the places we have been.  

The back courtyard of my in-law's home. I love spending time out there.

Who doesn't love brick, ivy and a bright red door?

A little blue house squashed between two larger houses. We passed this and I had to take a picture. 

Powis Castle, which is actually in Wales, close to the English border. It was built in the 12th century as a fortress, but was sold to a family for personal use in 1527. It is still owned by that family today, and a part of the castle is still used as their residence. Amazing.

View of the Powis Castle gardens from the castle exterior.

These incredible yew trees line the garden at Powis Castle. The trees in this picture were planted in 1680. (Please ignore the the sun glare.)

That's me, standing on the lawn beneath the castle. Can you believe how people used to live?
Dan and me
My Mother-In-Law and me, in the garden at Powis Castle

My poor husband, having grown up around all of these historic sites and visiting them on numerous school trips, gets a bit tired of looking at one after another, but I can't get enough. Luckily though, he puts up with my love of all things historical. 

Fairly soon we will be taking my in-law's RV and heading off to Europe for a couple of weeks.  Life is good.

Till next time!

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  1. holy crap- SOOO pretty. omg, can you imagine just waking up on like a lazy sunday in that castle and frolicking in the yard for a few hours. amazing. I'm jealous!


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