Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Woodland Themed Baby Shower

One of my good friends, Holly, recently gave birth to a beautiful and perfect little girl named Penelope Jones (Penny for short). Uhm - how adorable is that name?

A few weeks before her labor, two other ladies and I threw Holly and her husband, Ollie (again, cuteness abound with the names) a baby shower. Since they were planning a woodland theme for the nursery, we decided to carry that theme into the shower as well. Here are some of the details that I loved the most. 

This fabric bunting was hung all around and I think it added so much to the space

EASY D.I.Y. IDEA: To make these white food stands, I simply went to Goodwill and found some clear plates and glass candle sticks. Then I super-glued them together (with a food safe glue) and once they were dry, spray painted them white. Easy, cheap and so cute.

Savory Cheddar Biscotti
 Luckily for us, one of the girls helping us plan the shower makes a living as a set dresser and model maker in stop-motion films. Basically, that means the girl knows how to make stuff, and she seriously rocked it on this one. Having a bunch of highly-trained creative types around is fabulous, let me tell you.  

EASY D.I.Y. Idea: See the little stump next to the mushrooms? That is made out of a tin can! A wood grain style fabric was wrapped around the base and hot glued on. Then, for the top, use your sewing machine or hand-stitch a circular pattern, cut the fabric to size, and glue on, making sure all of the edges are tucked under.


This was not what one would think of as a typical baby shower. It included men and women, there were no cheesy games and no sitting in a circle opening presents. Instead, we just made a TON of yummy food, filled some vintage coolers with beer, soda and wine and spent a lovely afternoon catching up with one another. 

I found these bird nests 75% off at one of my favorite home decor stores, which is usually way out of my budget. They were perfect!

I made a few terrariums using some old glass jars I had leftover from my wedding. As for the bits inside, I found the moss at a craft store, the pine cones and rocks from outside my house and then Etsy supplied the rest (little red and white mushrooms, a ceramic deer and fuzzy green rocks.) The large green birds are from (which is an amazing website that I highly recommend).
Roasted Chickpeas with Parmesan Cheese

 I think if I am ever involved in planning another shower, I may go this route again as it was much more relaxed and I think everyone had a nice time. Congrats to Holly, Ollie and little Penny - we are so excited for you all!


  1. that looks really cute, Jocie. I like the fused plate and candleholder- bomb idea! i need to do that now. and the terraniums are adorbs. nice work! and the shower sounds fun though i dont mind sitting around and watching people open presents, as long as there's enough places to sit!

  2. This is the most adorable thing! Of course I love the woodsy theme. Your friend is one lucky lady.


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