Sunday, May 27, 2012

Farmhouse Details

Right now I am staying at my husband's Mum's and Step-Dad's old farmhouse in central England, and the other day I decided to walk around and take a few pictures. There is so much to discover here. 

Old rusty gate

Original stable door

Amazing original lock

Rusty old pot

Antique washing machine. Can you imagine having to use this?


  1. What a great place for cute photos!! Hope you're having (or had if you're home now) a fantastic time! My man and I want to travel to England for our 20th anniversary. :)

  2. that looks right up your alley- but I bet you didn't like the lock seeing how it looked like the keyless kind - did you get anxiety????

    that actually looks really, really cool. I want to go! i like the door especially.

  3. This is dating me, but when I was a young child, my mom washed clothes in something like that. I think it had an electric agitator but had a hand turned wringer on top. And as late as the mid 1980's, my husbands grandmother still washed her laundry in a wash tub and scrub board and used her homemade lye soap. She had a washer/dryer set, but didn't think the clothes came out clean enough. Here whites were WHITE, but boy did that lye soap make for stiff BVD's!


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