Thursday, August 4, 2011

Try These!

Nothing delights me more than discovering a new product that does what it says it will do, especially when it's something kitchen related.

I am still holding out on finding a face cream that performs as promised, but I believe I will continue down that road of disappointment for quite sometime.


I recently made a batch of these muffins, and used Reynolds Baked For You Baking Cups.

My baking life got a little bit better. I'm serious.

Here's why they rock:

1) They come in all sorts of really bright and beautiful colors.

2) The color/grease from the muffin does not soak through, changing the color of the cup. They hold their shape perfectly.

3) When spooning the batter, these things were sturdy. There was no folding, no moving.

5) They are lined with this pretty foil-like paper that creates a non-stick surface so when that moment of indulgence arrives, you waste no time dealing with finicky paper.

6) They came out of the muffin tin super easily.

7) They weren't that much more than the cheaper, regular version.

So, there you go. Try them!

You will like - I promise.


  1. Hadn't heard about these - but I WILL be getting some. Great review!

  2. I am one step ahead of you girl. :) I bought and have used these and I love them. I love that you can get them in the grocery store!!!

  3. I am totally and completely sold!

  4. Totally want them now! Thanks for sharing this sweetie!



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