Wednesday, July 13, 2011



...I go to and read the entertainment section and nothing else.

...I eat peanut butter straight out of the jar...with my finger.

...I wear way too much eyeliner, on purpose.

...I think about opening up an antique shop that also sells freshly baked pie and root beer floats.

...I wonder about how different my life could be had I only made small, seemingly insignificant, different choices.

...I watch things that I know will make me cry just so I can cry.

...I go to expensive online stores, fill my cart with items, and never buy them.

...I look at my husband and think about how much I utterly adore him and it is almost too overwhelming for me to handle.

...I listen to songs on repeat, as if there are no other songs in the world. Here's my latest re-discovery...

...I find myself able to live absolutely in the moment, without thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Those are the best days...


  1. I do alot of these same in the moment is all we have, regardless of our circumstances we need to make the best of them. Have a good day! xxoo :)

  2. That last item makes me very happy, My Daughter. I remember a conversation over coffee on Northwest 23rd, just before you left for college. I knew you always had your eye on the future, and I wanted to prompt you not to overlook the present. Checking in with your Five Senses was my advice for how to do that. I'll bet you don't have to use that device anymore. Living in the moment not always easy to do but so important!


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