Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Little Treasures

Since moving into our new place, it has been difficult to not just go crazy with buying new home decor. Pair that with the fact that Dan and I currently don't own enough furniture to even fill the place - we are pretty much thinking about shopping constantly. With that said, we don't want to just fill our house with random furniture because it is easy. We want to look around, search and find things we really love. This may take awhile, but we are okay with that.

But...that doesn't mean we haven't bought some stuff :) It's part of the fun of getting your first place, right? While we take the time to define our combined styles and find pieces that speak to both of us, here are a few things we have picked up in the last couple of weeks:

1) Ljusas Ysby Table Lamp from Ikea. Love these. At $80 a pop, they are on the more expensive side for Ikea, but still a great deal as far as lamps go.

2) Linen Hemstitch Tissue Box Cover from Pottery Barn. I always like to have tissues by my bed, but hate the way they look. These tissue box covers are so sweet and simple and I love them. I got mine without the monogram, as I am not a huge fan of monograms, but they look cute either way.

3) Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet Cover from West Elm. This bedding spoke to me from the moment I saw it. I thought about it for a few weeks then decided it had to be done. Plus, I got it on sale - so what's not to love?


  1. I've been coveting that duvet forever! Meg has it too!

  2. SO EXCITED you found me again! I have missed you! Your new house looks incredible congratulations! Excited to hear all about your new married girl days. :)

    I have almost that same duvet except ours is tan and a comforter!


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