Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Mini Catch-Up

Hello there!

So sorry for the lack of posts lately. I keep trying to figure out how to balance my ridiculous work schedule with posting on this blog, which I really enjoy, but can't quite seem to get it right. It seems that, at this point in production, most of my hobbies have taken a backseat to the simple needs of eating and sleeping, which is about all we have energy for when we get home.

With most films that are live action, meaning with real actors, etc., the hours are crazy but filming usually only lasts a matter of months. However, I work in stop-motion animation (think The California Raisins, Wallace and Gromit, etc.) and making a feature-length, stop-motion movie takes a couple of years. We have now been in production for 10 months, with another 8 or 9 months to go, working 12 - 14 hour days (including weekends).

It is during this point in making a movie when you have to keep looking forward. You have to keep your eye on the prize and remember that you are involved in making something special, that will be seen by many around the world. You have to remind yourself what you love about film and the process in which it is made.

You have to take care of yourself. This is a big one.

Dan and I had a talk this past weekend that we need to slow down. We need to say 'No' more often. It is just a basic necessity at this point. We need to sleep when we feel like sleeping. Rest when we feel like resting. Do nothing when we have the chance. It is very easy to adapt a very unhealthy lifestyle while making a movie and since we don't really have the time or energy for working out like we were this time last year, we must do whatever we can to stay fit - both physically and mentally.

Perhaps I sound like I am being dramatic, and I get that - but it is simply impossible to explain our lives right now to those not in it. There is a general bond amongst everyone here at work rooted in the extreme nature of it. Perhaps that is why so many in the film industry marry others in the film industry.

So, I will try to post more. I have so many projects going that I want to share, but I will have to do it in my own time - when I have the energy. In the meantime, I hope you are all enjoying your summers!!

Also, in case you are interested, here is a link telling you a little bit about this movie we are working on: IMDB

See you soon...


  1. oh, i completely agree! Just found your blog...nice work!

  2. I agree too! You need to stop and take a breather every once in awhile :)

  3. yeah that is true....time is always an issue....but i like ur blog very much...its amazing


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