Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wait...How Much Stuff Do We Have?

Dan and I spent the day today packing up our belongings. If all goes well, by this Friday we should have the keys to our new place - our first home that we own. Ohmygoodnessgracious!!

As I type this, I am in need of a shower and surrounded by a pile of poxes, bubble wrap and tape guns. It's been a productive day.

However, whenever I move, I am amazed by three things:

1) How much I own. I am only 28 yet seem to have accumulated quite a lot since moving out of my parent's homes 10 years ago.

2) How much dust is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Especially behind the TV - icky. This is the main contributing factor as to why I am currently desperate for a shower.

3) How heavy books are. I love my books and always want to keep them, however I question this sentiment each time I am forced to pack them.

Alright, break over...and time to get back to it. I hope you're all having a lovely Saturday!


  1. Don't forget to add to that 1st item the amount of "stuff" you ALSO own that you've conveniently been storing at said parents' houses...

    "Groan," said the attic..

  2. I just bought a house too! And I have the same problem with books. I begin packing in 2 weeks, and dread how many boxes of stuff I will have from our little apartment. Most of them books....

  3. You sound just like me! Just this past weekend I moved from one apartment to the other and I thought the exact same things as you! Congrats on buying your 1st house!


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