Wednesday, April 6, 2011



My hair is doing it's own thang - I mean, like, seriously having a little field day. Whatever.

The temperature here in Portland is 48 degrees. It's bloody freezing!

PG Tips - An English classic that I have become obsessed with

I am going to drink tea instead of coffee.

We are supposed to hear back on an offer we put in on a house. Actually, it was the counter to the owner's counter. Counter, counter, counter.

I decided to really shellac on the mascara. I try to fight it, but I love stupidly shellacked lashes.

I am fighting the urge to be on craigslist every second for things to put in the new house we don't even have yet.

I am coveting these striped pillows, but I recently bought myself a sewing machine so I may have to make something similar as my first project.

And that's about it...

How is your day, today?


  1. Love those pillows, too. They would be super easy to make on your sewing machine! We are having a cooler day here too. xxoo :)

  2. pillows are cute, but not with a the couch you have now, too much brown. You'd have to change it up in other ways.

    I haven't been to Ikea and won't go until I move, simply because there's no point in wanting items like that when I have no place to put them.

  3. They would so not go on the couch...FYI :)


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