Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Slothfulness

This weekend, Dan is in England. He went home to surprise his Mom for her 60th birthday party, which is great and I am so happy he could be there with her. However, that means I am all on my own - left to entertain myself. I had a list of things to do today, but, well uhm...sometimes lists just need to be forgotten. Or ignored.

What I DIDN'T Do Today:

- Laundry

- Vacuum

- Take out recycling

- Make the bed

- Put away my shoes, which I have taken off in different places around our apartment

- Clean the shower (which I swore I would do today...LEAST favorite chore EV-ER!)

What I DID Do Today:

- Slept In

- Enjoyed my coffee, slowly

- Did some desperately needed clothes shopping

- Napped for about 2 hours

- Watched a boatload of DVR'd shows (See: Oprah, Glee and more Oprah)

- Made myself a really yummy dinner

- Read magazines

Today was the nicest day we have had here in Portland all year (72 degrees) and I know that I should have taken better advantage of it, but I didn't. I was so, so tired from this past week at work and just needed a day of letting my heart be my guide and doing as I pleased - which meant not a whole lot.

On the list for tomorrow? Easter dinner at my Dad's house and other than that - I'm not sure. The shower still needs to be cleaned and the apartment needs some major straightening up, but I'm not making any promises. Sometimes slowing down and letting yourself have a break is far more important than any to-do list.


  1. I never asked him to, but for our whole marriage, my husband has cleaned the shower for me. And I love him for it. It's the worst of all cleaning jobs. I'd rather clean the oven.

    As for the rest, my mother-in-law gave me a piece of wonderful advice years ago regarding housecleaning and rest. She said, "Sometimes a woman just needs to stop and do things for herself. Remember, a house only gets so dirty and then it just sits there. Go be good to yourself."

    I took it to heart and my family didn't die or run away. The house didn't fall apart - and neither did I. In fact, those occasional breaks kept me sane! Enjoy your weekend of rest. You deserve it.

  2. Sometimes a lazy day is needed! Glad you enjoyed your lazy day :)

  3. Sounds like a perfect day! xxoo :)

  4. Thank you all for supporting my daughter in embracing REST as a useful and acceptable practice! This child o' mine is a doer and sometimes an over-doer. I am so happy to learn you can embrace a day like this, Jocelyn. I love how Beth's mother-in-law stated it. She deserves to be quoted!


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