Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pretty Bedrooms

Just a little bit of bedroom loveliness for your day...

This whimsical and charming bedroom is in a tree house! How fun is that??!?

I have long loved the idea of using old luggage as storage/furniture and I love this stack used as a nightstand. I think I can say with confidence that I will have this look in my home one day - I just need to find some great old luggage first.

WOW! Have you ever seen such gravitas in a bedroom? I know this may be too much for some, but I love it. What a grand place to wake up in each morning. Though, I bet I would still hate waking up early as much as I do now, but who knows.

Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Umm... you may want to check my attic. I have Nana's old luggage...


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