Friday, April 15, 2011

Garden Tea Party Loveliness

Every time I visit, I find something that grabs my attention and sparks my creativity. The latest post I found that has me swooning involves throwing a Garden Tea Party...on a roof NYC. (!!)

The post highlights the work of Pamela Scurry, an entertaining expert, who loves to use everyday items in a dressed up manner - my kind of lady! In her own garden, she displays how to throw a lovely tea party, in her own NYC garden. I hope you enjoy this eye candy as much as I did.

Isn't it lovely? All of the fabulous spring colors! I want to have a tea party now.

**side story: Dan and I received a beautiful crystal Wedgwood bowl for our wedding, which I love. One day, Dan was looking at it, baffled and said, "What do you do with a bowl like that?" to which I replied, "You use it at tea parties and baby showers." He looked at me like I had three heads - but I think these pictures perfectly demonstrate that I am indeed, not crazy.**

For more information and to read some of Scurry's advice on throwing your own tea party, click here.


  1. I could get used to that kind of ritual. Hmmm weekly tea parties... sounds fun!

  2. So very charming...Those little flower cookies are just adorable!

  3. I just wish I had space for a garden! Instead we're trying to squeeze a crib into our 500sq foot appt! :)



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