Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fun

I swore I wouldn't do it, but I'm doing it anyway: posting a pic of the royal couple. I haven't watched much of the footage yet, but I have it all recorded and I can't wait to watch it tonight. I know I've mentioned before that I work with a TON of English people, and I'm married to one as well, and for weeks now there has been mixed reactions by the English around me: those who care, those who don't care, those who say they don't care but do, those who wish they were home for it, those who are just annoyed we aren't getting a day off here in the USA like all of their fellow countrymen are in England - it truly runs the gamut.

I was sort-of somewhere in the middle of it all - not obsessed but certainly curious and excited to witness this pop culture moment of the highest level. However, I must say that when I woke up this morning and watched a few of the highlights, I felt really into it. If there is one thing that England truly knows how to do, it is put on a grand affair such as this. With every detail meticulously planned and her dress...oh my that dress - stunning, it is like nothing I have ever seen in my lifetime. All in all, it is a fun moment in time to get to experience and I think today at work will be a bit of a happier place because of it, which is always welcomed in my book.

In other news, I picked up a very tired husband-o-mine from the airport late last night as he returned after a week in England visiting his family. Before he left he asked me if I wanted him to bring anything back from Blightly, to which I replied, "Just bring me some of the tackiest Kate and William Royal Wedding stuff you can find." To my delight, he DELIVERED on that front. More on that to come...

And, lastly, Dan and I have an inspection tomorrow on a home that we are, I believe, very close to buying. I haven't said much about it b/c we have already lost 4 houses now and I don't want to jinx it, but I am truly excited. Hopefully it goes well and we can continue to move forward. Fingers crossed!!!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Sending fabulous closing escrow thoughts your way! I have to admit that I did stay up to watch the Royal Wedding, as I did for Princess Di's wedding - loved it, but here I sit at work extremely tired! TGIF! Happy weekend to you! xxoo :)

  2. I stayed up all night...and I'm not sorry I did. She was gorgeous...and her sister's dress...SWOON!

  3. I am a wedding junkie, and have been shamelessly watching everything that even mentions Wills or Kate. Love em!

    I hope the house situation goes well for you guys!

    Oh... and I wholeheartedly agree with you about skinny jeans. They need to go. I'm only buying bootcuts...


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