Monday, March 28, 2011

My Weekend

The weekend. So cherished. So loved. So fast.

We made the most of it, though, in our own little way.

Dan and I work until about 8:30pm most Friday nights, which means we miss a lot of normal Friday night social events and are so tired by the time we get off, we have very little energy left. However, this last Friday we decided to stop in at a local auction house that is right by work.

I. Loved. It. LOVED IT!

I have been to charity auctions before, where items go for thousands of dollars, but this was a real, down-home auction, folks. Anything and everything was up for sale. We wasted no time in getting a bid card and a seat up at the front. It was ON!

This was the item I wanted more than anything: a dinged up, scrappy, old milk can. To many, this might look like a piece of junk, but to me, it is beautiful. With every dent and bit of scraped up paint, I see a history and a story. I felt nervous when bidding on this, but walked away with it for a cool $25.

And this was Dan's big purchase: an old woodworker's tool box full of old tools. I don't usually get too excited about tools, but there are some really cool pieces in here. Dan was bidding against 5 old men who had been eying the box all night, but won it in the end.

Saturday morning, I was in the mood for baking, so I whipped up these scones. However, I must note that I didn't make mine as large as the recipes says, and I used all whole wheat flour instead of 1 3/4 C. all purpose and 1/2 C. whole wheat and they turned out great!

A major player this weekend, and many we have had lately, has been the weather. This picture pretty much sums it up perfectly: sunny one minute, rainy the next, then hailing and thunder after that. The seasons are a changin' here in Portland, OR and Mother Nature isn't going to let it happen without making us suffer a bit. Perhaps it's so we appreciate the summers more. Perhaps it's because we have to be reminded where all this beautiful greenery comes from. Or perhaps, it just is.

Our weekend also consisted of a dinner with my sister and brother, who I love more than I can ever say, a Sunday brunch and an Indian curry with friends. It was a bit more eating out than I am used to, but that's what weekends are for.

Oh yeah...and we put in another offer on a house. Actually, two houses. One is a short sale (which we like better) and the other is a normal sale. That is all I can really handle to say about it right now in fear that if I talk about it too much, it will be jinxed or something. I don't know. Bleh. All this grown-up business drives me crazy at times.

Anyway - I hope you all had a great weekend and that the week ahead treats you well!!


  1. The scones look yum! & I LOVE that old milk can!

  2. that is cool and so you, I bet you will do something great with it- maybe in your new house!!! Dinner was grand, I"m glad we went. Dan's tool box is so funny, I don't know why, I like it, poor old men. And I like the homes, I'll email you about them tomorrow.


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