Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Newest Treasure

I am always on the search for beautiful things. Here in Portland, there is an abundance of vintage, antique and thrift shops which means the possibility of finding treasures around every corner.

Recently, while doing some clothes shopping, I stumbled upon this wooden box. It was being used as a shoe display and caught my eye instantly.

I loved all of the little details and that it used to encase fresh herbs in Harborside, Maine.

I loved the weathered nails and haggard wood. I loved that it once served a real purpose - a livelihood, a hobby, a passion. Now it was there before me, as a display for $200 shoes. The irony in that pleased me.

However, what I loved most of all was the little white tag on the very back corner of the box that said, simply, $35.

I wasted no time finding a shop assistant to help me unload the shoes.

"We are going to be so sad to see this go," she said.

" I understand why," I replied.

While I am sure I will manage to use this modest wooden box in many ways, for now it houses various pillar candles - all in shades of white and cream. At night, after a long day, I love to come home and light the candles.

It is the simplicity that is the most beautiful to me and I treasure it.


  1. It's beautiful, I love it! Nice find!

  2. that's really cool, what thrift store did you go to??? I like it

  3. That is quite the steal! I would have totally snatched up that box too. I have resorted to making my own because I cannot seem to find a treasure like that here.
    504 Main


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