Thursday, March 31, 2011

Books I Am Hearting Lately

I love to read (thanks Mom!). There is something about getting comfortable, holding a book in your hands (I have not yet embraced this Kindle me old fashioned) and letting your mind go someplace else that is beyond satisfying.

While I would like to say that finish book after book - these days it just isn't so. Life in the Pascall house is quite crazy at the moment. By the time we get home and eat dinner, it is about 9pm and if I even try to get into a book, I fall asleep after 2 pages. However, I still crave the wind-down that going through a book gives me at the end of a long day. My solution? Books that I can just pick up, turn to any page and read. There is no story. There is no commitment. There is no guilt that comes from taking forever to finish a book. There are just interesting facts, lovely tips and the relaxation that I desire. While I miss reading novels, they will just have to wait until we have finished this current film. In the meantime, here are a few books that I have been enjoying lately:

The Book of Origins

I love this book. It has the history behind everything from coffee to cell phones. Pistols to plastic surgery. Musical instruments to Morse code. If you love random trivia and interesting tidbits of information, you will like this book.

English Bread and Yeast Cookery

If you have ever baked a loaf of bread, from scratch (sans bread machine) you can appreciate the information in this book. It details much of how bread was developed as well as provides recipes for all types of breads. It's like a cookbook, textbook and memoir all in one. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it.

Dan would laugh at me every time I picked up this book, and I'm pretty sure my sister is going to laugh at me when she sees this, but I don't care. I have always been interested in domestic history and I found this book super interesting. The pictures are great, the historical facts are amusing and the design ideas are even better.

Restore. Recycle. Repurpose.

This is my newest book and if you enjoy antiques, vintage shopping/decor and using reclaimed pieces, I recommend this little lovely. It's full of design ideas all based around using what you already have and/or revamping reclaimed pieces. I could look at this book for hours and hours.

What about you? What are some books you like to simply pick up every now and then to relax?


  1. Those look cool not stupid. But why are u knocking bread machines! They produced many wonderful loaves for u in our apartment

  2. I love coffee table type books to just flip thru. I have French Essence and My French Life that I am reading and flipping thru right now...I, too was reluctant to embrace books electronically, but since I bought my Ipad - I am reading like a crazy woman every chance I get! xxoo :)


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