Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh La Le Creuset

When I was about 8 or 9 I got my first real bike with gears and brakes on the handle bars. It was white with pink Pollock-esque paint splatters.

At least that is my recollection.

I still remember coming out Christmas morning and there it was, perfectly upright with a shiny new kick-stand, illuminated by the tree's lights.

For weeks I would get so excited thinking about it that I would run to the garage, swing open the door and stand there, admiring my metal freedom while contemplating my plans for the summer.

It was Christmas magic. A childhood feast for the imagination. Perfection.

Many years have passed since that Christmas, but I recently discovered that it is still possible to feel that joy, that bliss, that excitement.

Let me introduce you.

Oh, hello, you. Little darling, you are.

I have wanted one of these for years and Macy's recently made me a deal that I just couldn't refuse. Never pay full price for anything at Macy's - it will always go on sale eventually.

That is a lesson for the ages.

Layer by layer, my Le Creuset emerged.

In the words of Randy Quaid from one of my favorite films, Christmas Vacation, "She's a real beaut, Clark."

Oh the soups and the stews. The breads and the roasts. The meals big and small.

I love my new French oven. I can't stop looking at it. To many, it may just seem like another kitchen pot, but to me it is a vessel of opportunity.

Now, the question is - what to make first...


  1. I SO understand you. I got a Le Creuset a couple years back for Christmas from my parent's in a perfect shade of cornflower blue. I was madly in love. And then it was a bit too biggish-I have the larger oval shaped one. So I now have my eye out for one the size you have. That would be perfect.

  2. How fun! Pioneer Woman has giveaways of these periodically but I never win. I'll have to check out my Macy's for sales on them!

  3. I have missed you! First of all, the fact that you reference Clark Griswold, makes me love you more... and the fact that you shared wisdom about things at Macy's always going on sale sealed the deal that you are one of my favorite cyber friends. I love the way your brain works! And you always make me laugh... Thanks for stopping by my blog today...seeing your name totally made my day!

  4. oh, I think I found a new kitchen toy to add to my list!

  5. it's coool, but what does it do!!! I agree about always paying sale prices at Macy's, you just gotta.

  6. I'm so in love with this pot it now has a grill pan and a small frying pan to keep it company.

    My pot is your pot's twin.

    I'd say make No Knead bread first but the high temp you need to bake at will give your French oven a real lived in look. You might not be ready since she's so pretty and new right now.

    Boil pasta in it or something to start. :)


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