Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meetings About Meetings

After I graduated from college I worked at my Dad's insurance brokerage. I had worked there on and off through college and it seemed natural to move into a full-time position once the demands of school had ceased. Their plan was to train me up through the ranks, making me a full-blown insurance professional. At the time, I didn't really know what I wanted but I fully embraced the job and was excited about the opportunity.

Not long into my training, I got invited to my first meeting. A real meeting. With executives. And suits. And a boardroom.

Important issues were discussed.

People got angry. There was tension.

I nodded along the entire time, playing the role of a business woman, pretending to understand the insurance jargon that filled the room.

As I left that meeting in my 4 inch heels, herringbone pants and notebook in hand, all I could think was, "That was SO COOL!"

I bloody loved it.

A real meeting with real business-thingies being discussed. It didn't seem to matter that I understood the business about as well as I understood quantum physics - all that mattered was that I was invited. fast forward a few years. I ended up getting a call from a Portland based film production company that wanted to give me a job working on their new film, which was what I went to school for. I took the job, worked on the film, met my now husband and am now working for the same company on their second feature film.

It's been about 4 years since I left insurance and let me tell you, my views on meetings have CH-ANGED. My day is one meeting after another and, while I love what I do, I could never have imagined the amount of meetings. Meetings about everything. Meetings about problems. Meetings about solutions.

Meetings about meetings.

The meetings come and the meetings go but one thing is for sure - there will always be more.

If I ever hear the words "We are going to have this meeting but you don't need to go - we will just fill you in," I cherish that moment. It is a beautiful thing.

I know...I have joined the ranks of the jaded. It happens to everyone, I suppose, but, there is something sad to me about that. I loved the experience of feeling grown-up and that I was actually being taken seriously. To suddenly have adults around you, including you in their business and giving you validity is one of the best feelings a 22 year old can have.

Now I cherish moments of goofiness and uncontrollable laughter. The moments of playing pranks and flinging rubber bands.

The moments that make me feel like a kid again.

With no real business whatsoever.


  1. I LOVE this post!!! For me, that sense of "belonging" came whenever someone trusted me with a key - to the building, the office, the SECURITY SYSTEM - whoa...that was so cool and I was in like Flynn, one of the gang.

  2. I hear lady! That's why I love being business partners with my bestie. We mix in business conference calls with our bestie chit chat. HAHA

  3. And I meant I hear YA lady...haha

  4. i like the way this was written, you kept it interesting the entire time with no embellishment beyond your words. Love it. xo.


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