Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Need Hair Help

I hereby declare the following truths about my hair:

1) Hair does not get straighter than my hair. It really doesn't. There is not even the smallest amount of wave, curl or natural volume. Any hair style I have must take this into account as even the slightest misstep with a pair of scissors shows up drastically.

2) I have never dyed my hair and I don't have a plan to in the near future. I used to hate my reddish/brownish hair as a teen but my Mom would never let me touch it. Now I am so thankful for that as I actually like the color of my hair. Until I see those little grays popping through - coloring my hair is not an option.

3) I am so very, very bored with it. Double bleh.

Over the past few years I have developed a predictable habit of growing it out, then cutting it all off - time after time.

5 years ago my hair looked like this. It was an A-line cut and I think it suited my kind of hair. However, I went through a super traumatic break-up around this time that caused me to instantly want to change my hair (something that I later learned is really common). I wasted no time in growing it out. Silly break-ups.

As it grew out, it formed a layered bob which I think worked alright too.

Fast forward a few years and, after 4 years of growing (with intermittent trims of course) my hair looked like this. This photo was taken last June, a few months after my wedding. My hair was the longest it had been in years and while I liked the options it gave me, I got tired of always having to deal with that much hair.

This is about what my hair looks like now. It is a little below my shoulders and...well, that is about it. I am feeling the urge to chop it off again into another A-line, or something like that - but I'm scared. It took years to grow my hair out and I just don't know if I'm ready to do something so drastic - ya know?

This hair business can give a girl STRESS!

So - here's the deal. After work today I am getting my hair cut and I cannot decide if I am going to do something drastic or just get a trim. What to do, what to do...

I need some help y'all. How do you decide when standing at the haircut crossroads?

Any advice?


  1. Your hair looks great in all of those photos, but I am partial to long hair myself. I do love the a-line look on you too!! Love your color - mine is that same color (but it comes out of a bottle...) Whatever you decide, you will look beautiful! Have a great day!! P.S. Your love list the other day inspired me to write my own. Thank you! xxoo :)

  2. LoveLOVE that A-line on you. I totally understand about the hair stress. My mom has often moaned, "This dang hair is the bane of my existence."

  3. I sent you an email with a hairstyle photo you might consider. I used the email you have listed here on the blog which has Stott and not Paschal, so I hope it is still current.

    I do like that A line on you - so chic!

  4. Love the a-line look on you! If you don't want to go that short, go for mid-length, just above the shoulders!

  5. I totally wanted to send you a photo that I printed today for myself, but I dont' have you email... why IS That???? AFter all this time, I feel like I should have it!!! It was a blunt cut shoulder length bob with long bangs, and would look darling on you... and would be in the middle of chopping and keeping it long..You are so cute no matter what... I wish my hair was that straight!


  6. I think you hair looks great, however, why not just take a couple inches off, and maybe get some highlights or something? You can always cut off more after a month or so if you're still bored with it.

  7. Dude...If I could rock that first cut I SO would...It looks amazing on you!

  8. I agree with Kristin, if i could rock a short a line i would but its not for me. You, however, look incredible in it! I say go for it. I think it'll give you a bit more edge. New to your blog, girl!

    i wander, i wonder

  9. Go gray, go gray :) jk but I told you to pic message me the pic of your new cut!

  10. I'm currently growing my hair out so I don't know if I'm any help. :) It used to be super straight but now it's coming in wavy. Go figure.

    That said - I love the first cut on you.

  11. I like the A-line or the second picture. Or you could always go with a pretty popular style these days: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_MOTICCweVOA/TGATUuLiNVI/AAAAAAAAANw/6aIAhJkCHTQ/s1600/Justin+Bieber.jpg (just kidding!)


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