Friday, January 29, 2010


Because it is Friday and because I am so tired that I quite literally forgot my name this morning for about .5 seconds, I am sharing with you something that always lifts my spirits.

This is a video with over 150 million views and I am almost positive that about 2 million of them are from me. I am also positive that many, if not all, of you have seen this before. It is one of the best things ever to have come into my life and I will forever own You Tube a big thank you.

So, without further ado, I treat you all - my precious readers - to a viewing of:


Monday, January 25, 2010

Thanks, Mom

Since my days of Care Bears and wall ball, I have been a girly girl. It all started out in the form of tutu's and peel-off nail polish but gradually and steadily grew with me from My Little Ponies to Barbies. American Girl dolls to dress up clothes. Jewelry making to baking. I loved it all. Especially if it was pink. Oh yes - pink always played a strong role. Still does, in fact...although not in the same consuming capacity.

As the years rolled on I always found ways to express myself in creative ways that stayed true to my girlish nature. Then - the teen years hit. God bless my parents who stuck with me through those years. By the time I was about 13, all I wanted in life was to be allowed to wear make-up. Make-up was cool, make-up was fun, make-up was all up in the pages of Seventeen magazine and I needed to get my hands on it. I felt so envious of the girls in school with black eyeliner and mascara. Make-up was my Red Ryder BB gun and "You're too young," was my "You'll shoot you're eye out kid."

I solved this lack of parental support by digging through my Mom's back-up make-up bag. I didn't really care what she had in there, I just knew that she hardly ever used the stuff so as far as I was concerned, it was free reign. I would take whatever I could get my grubby little hands on with me to school and put it on in the bathroom before classes started. Then, before I walked home after school, I would wash it off in the same bathroom. Perfect plan. Fail-safe. Waterproof. Or so I thought...

When one is 13 and has stolen her Mother's early 90's turquoise eyeliner and shellacked it on her eyelid with zero practice or artistry, it does not come off quite as smoothly as that 13 year old might think in a halogen-lit bathroom with paper towels as soft as a brillo pad.

My Mom was on to me in no time and the gig was up.

I thought she was going to freak out. I had lied. I had stolen her make-up which, in the process of using, had ruined with my total and utter lack of a clue as to proper application. my surprise, she didn't. In fact, it was quite the opposite. She understood.

I guess I had to get my girly-girlness from somewhere.

Shortly after I was caught, my Mom took me to the drug store and helped me pick out some make-up. She explained to me about skin-tone and how to pick colors accordingly. She showed me the difference between brown, black/brown and black mascara. Once we got home, we sat together while she showed me how to apply it and what I remember most is the peachy-pink Cover Girl lip-gloss that made me feel like a movie star. Finally, I had my own make-up.

As I write this today, it seems like such a trivial matter - my desire to wear makeup - but, as I have been going through this process of planning my wedding and defining my style, I have realized how much my Mom has influenced me over the years. There are a million moments like the make-up lesson in the drug store that I have had with her over the years that have wholeheartedly shaped who I am today. Not only did she allow me to be the girly-girl that I have always been, but she pushed me to try things that scared me or intimidated me. When I showed interest in sewing, she bought me fabric. When I felt like painting, she cleared the table. When I was deciding if I should leave my stable and comfortable job at an insurance brokerage for an uneasy and volatile job in the film industry, she reminded me that I went to film school for a reason.

So, Mom, thank you. Thank you for always accepting who I have been and for teaching me how to be a lady. The lessons you have taught me will always be in my heart and will be lessons I can hopefully carry forward to my future children.

And thank you, so dearly, for that Cover Girl peachy-pink lip gloss - it meant more than you ever knew.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Reasons Why Today Is Good

I like today. I am totally feeling today. Today and I are jiving.

Here's why:

1) It is Friday. That is an instant lift...instantly :)

2) My sister, who I live with, made me a cup of coffee in a travel mug before I left for work this morning. This random act of kindness makes me a little nervous as I half expect to find one of my favorite sweaters ripped down the middle or something, but nonetheless I loved it. (Just kidding Caitlin and thanks for the cup o' joe!! It was simply chaaaarrrmming!)

3) I weighed myself this morning and I am down another pound after forcing myself to the gym this week. Yay! I have to work REALLY hard for each and every pre-wedding lb. loss, so that make me grin.

4) I am only working until noon today and then leaving to go meet with our caterer for a tasting of all the food choices. Nothing like packing on that lost pound right quick. I really, really, REALLY had wanted Dan to be here for this too, but again, immigration won. If you ever want to know what it feels like to never be able to plan a single thing with any sort of certainty, go through immigration. It will teach you the art of acceptance in no time. BUT - I am still excited to taste all the food and pick our menu!!!

5) Tomorrow I am getting Dan's wedding gift. Wish I could say more, but it is a surprise and a certain Englishman I know just happens to read this little blog, so I will have to tell you more about this later.

6) I am currently drinking MetroMint peppermint water. If you have never tried this stuff, you need to. It is so delish. Here is a link to their website. It is literally water with peppermint in it. So cool and refreshing. I love this stuff.

7) I don't look like Heidi Montag. That makes every day a little bit better.

So yeah - it's a good day for me. Thank you, Friday, for kicking butt thus far. I appreciate it ever so much.

We are very good friends, Friday and I.

Hope you all have a good day!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Table Numbers

As I am now within a few months of marrying my sweetie, the planning is getting down to the more detailed nitty gritties. While at times it seems there is so much to think about, I must admit that I am quite enjoying working out all of the little details because I feel like it is the chance to really make the wedding our own.

One of the elements that I have been unsure of are the table numbers. At first I loved the idea of getting a bunch of really pretty and ornate black picture frames and using those to "frame" the numbers, but then I started pricing out such a thing and it was ridiculous.

Can I get a "what what" over how expensive picture frames are? Even the cheap crappy ones!!!

So - I had to formulate a new plan and that plan started with the lady I hate to love, Martha Stewart. There is nothing about her personality that I find fun, appealing or attractive but her crafts/ideas/magazine/website/section at Michael's/etc. are, in a word, brilliant.

It wasn't long on Martha's site before I came across this little idea. I love the way these numbers look. They are simple, whimsical and best of all, FREE. Along with this picture, there were templates that you can download, print and cut. I used some really nice paper I already had and it was done in no time. As far as projects go, it was easy as pie and I am really happy with them.

Once I knew that I was going to be using those table numbers, I began the search for place card holders to hold the cards. During my search I found myself getting frustrated because so many of the place card holders made for weddings are tacky, ugly and totally not my taste at all. I presented this problem to one of my bridesmaids and she had the idea of checking restaurant supply websites instead which proved to be much more successful. (Thanks Ari!) Not before long I found these little holders which I think will work great. I am going to be buying the black holders which are simple and fit with my colors perfectly. Yay!

If there is one thing I am continuing to learn as I plan my wedding it is that no detail is too small for me to spend way too much time thinking about. Suddenly things you never thought you would care about in your life become vitally important. Wedding planning is funny like that. But, I am happy to have this detail crossed off my list. Next up? How many votive candles to have on each table. Uh oh - this could take a while.

Ohhhhh Maaarrrtttthhhaaaa...

If any of you are interested in printing off those table numbers for your event, the information can be found here.

If you would like to know where I found the place card holders, that info is here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Healthy Inspiration via Ms. Gloria Gaynor

This post is dedicated to my daily attempts at eating healthy and working out before the wedding, however, I apologize for what you are about to endure.

First I was afraid, I was petrified...

Thinking I could never live without you by my side...

But I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong...

I grew strong...

I learned how to carry on...

And so you're back, from outer space...

I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face...

I should have changed my stupid lock, I should have made you leave your key...

If I had known for just one second, you'd be back to bother me!

Go on now go, walk out the door, just turn around now, 'cause you're not welcome anymore...

Weren't you the one that tried to hurt me with goodbye, you think I'd crumble, you think I'd lay down and die...

Oh no, not I. I will survive...

As long as I know how to love, I know I will stay alive...

I've got all my life to live, I've got all my love to give...

And I'll survive, I will survive

Hey hey!

Here's to another day of me staying on track and avoiding the constant temptations that seem to be all around.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Last Few Weeks

Sometimes life is crazy and you neglect your blog for a few days.

Other times life gets just a tad ridiculous and you find yourself saying, "Blog? What blog? I don't have a blog - that's crazy talk!"

There were of course the holidays which always have a way of taking my routine for a wild and crazy night out with one too many vodka tonics, leaving it tired and thirsty in the morning.

Oh how I missed my routine. I think it missed me too. We went on a little date the other night, my routine and I. Turns out, we both felt abandoned by each other but have since talked it all out and are back together again. Communication is the key to any successful relationship.

Then there was my car. My dear, dear car. Okay - I will admit it - I'm 27 and still drive my college car. With certain things in life, I'm a bit of a brat. I refuse to drink bad coffee. I simply cannot handle cheap perfume and I will not, under any circumstance, ever own any other computer than a Mac. But, when it comes to cars? As long as it's drivable and safe, I am good to go. Expensive cars do not impress me and I couldn't care less if there are a few scratches on my bumper. I will drive a car into the ground before I get another and, as of a couple of weeks ago, I officially drove my college car into the ground. Her transmission gave out and I am afraid that her time has come. She could have perhaps waited until after the holidays and the wedding to put me in a position of needing to buy a new car, but I am sure it is nothing personal...she has gotten me to a lot of the places I needed to go in life.

Aside from the car and the holidays and yada, yada, yada - what really threw my little world into a tailspin the last few weeks was some bad news we got from the US Embassy in London. Apparently they are back-logged in paperwork and gave us a new estimate of Dan's arrival taking about another 3 months.

Crushing. Devastating. Sadness.


Oh yeah...anger. Sometimes anger is your greatest friend. Now - I am not a proponent of anger nor do I champion her cause - but there are a handful of times in your life where it is anger that gets you through: break-ups, medical scares, finding out that Brad and Jen are breaking know, the really tough times.

Sadness is defeating. Immobilizing. Paralyzing.

Anger can be proactive. Reactive. Powerful.

The day I got that news, I felt desperate for any kind of help. The thought of waiting three more months was more than I could take. I started emailing people. Talking to people. Facebooking. That's right - Facebook. I wrote a status update asking if anyone knew anyone at the embassy in London and if so to contact me.

Within 20 minutes I had a response.

Megan Turnell is one of my sister's very closest friends. She has been around for years and many of my hilarious high school memories involve Megan. A few years ago, Megan decided to take a chance and move to Washington D.C. and ended up working at the capitol for a US Senator. During her time there she learned many of the ins and outs of congressional culture and tricks of the trade. On this day of my quest to do something, anything, Megan read my Facebook status and wrote me a message.

"Joc - I can't believe I didn't think of this before but when I was working for my senator, we used to deal with stuff like this all the time. Call me."

I called her as soon as I could and she explained that each senator has case workers that deal specifically with immigration cases. She told me to call one of our Oregon senators and gave me instructions on exactly what to say.

Within moments I was speaking to an immigration case worker at the office of my senator. She said she understood what we are going through. She acknowledged that the process is long and drawn out. She offered to help.

This is where my anger turned to hope.

Apparently all the senators have congressional emails that only they can access (duh...) and she used that email to make an official request that Dan's application and interview date (the last step in our current process) be expedited.

Expedited. Never have I loved that word more.

Yesterday, finally, after months and months and months of waiting, Dan got his official letter from the US Embassy in London that he has his interview on February 1, 2010. 25 days from now. Less than a month. Assuming all goes well ( knock on wood), my Daniel should be here within a month or so.

Just typing that gave me the chills.

So...that is where I am today. I have my routine back. I am looking for a new car. I am happy the holidays are over. And I am getting my love soon.

The most important thing of all.

Hopefully the blog will be back in action as I need it as much as it needs me. I am fully aware that this post rivals the length of War and Peace, but I guess I just felt the need to get it all out there in one go. If you are still reading by this point, thanks.

I wish you all a wonderful day. Cheers!!!
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