Friday, October 8, 2010

Ten Things I Know For Sure

I know that...

1) The exhaustion from a hard day's work can feel really good.

2) Spending time with girlfriends you haven't seen in a long time is like oxygen.

3) Being married is my cup of tea. I really, really love it.

4) You should drink as much water as you can - always. There is a vast difference in the way I feel on days when I drink a lot of it and days when I don't.

5) J.Crew is too expensive. It bugs.

6) Vintage wire baskets will always be in my life.

7) Break-outs don't stop in your teens...un-freakin-fortunately.

8) Weekend getaways can make all the difference.

9) Travel. Travel. Travel. It is good for you.

10) 100% acrylic sweaters are a waste of money. Never buy them. (Thanks, Mom!)

And there you have it.

What do you know for sure?


  1. When it comes to "Mom Shout-outs," I never can get enough!

    Thanks, Sweetie!

  2. haha nice. J.Crew is too expensive. Sucks. And I have fatty zits always, sucks!

  3. Hmmm. What I know for sure as of 9:13 pm:

    1) Sweet and spicy pecans are food perfection.
    2) I can't tell the difference between need and want when it comes to clothing and cameras.
    3) I need new pajama bottoms. Or maybe I just want them. I don't know.
    4) I love my car.
    5) I'm totally unprepared for my day tomorrow and yet I'm reading your blog.


  4. Love your list! And YES! J Crew is waaay too expensive.

    Things I know for sure:

    1) My mom is awesome.
    2) The ability to work from home is priceless.
    3) Everytime I work from home and want to keep the window open there will be a jackhammer nearby. EVERY. TIME.
    4) There is no such thing as too much chocolate
    5) Ditto for shoes
    6) I really, really hate the IO Digital Cable commercials.
    7) I am unashamed of my love for reality TV
    8) Daisies make me smile.
    9)There is such a thing as too much wine.
    10) There is always a silver lining


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