Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Army of Sickness

This week I have had the flu.

I know, breaking news - right? The thing is that I am not a person who ever gets sick. I have always counted myself as one of those lucky people who every year seems to bypass all of the illness around me. Not this year. Not this girl. It got me good this time. I suppose I had it coming.

Why does having a high fever suddenly make you feel like you are 7 years old again and totally helpless? And the chills. And the sweating. And the general grossness. Ugh.

Thankfully, I have a husband who is an excellent caretaker and a Mom who taught me the tricks-of-the-sick.

Trick #1 is this soup that my Mom made for all of us when we were sick. It literally could not be simpler or more delicious when you are ill and nothing sounds good. All you do is cook some orzo pasta in salted water, drain and return to pot. Add chicken broth and heat. Right before you serve, add just the smallest pat of butter and mix around. That's it. I have been living off of this all week.

Unfortunately, chicken broth can't do it all. I have taken a lot more meds than these in the last few days, but these have been the key players that have kept me from crying.

And, uhm, I apologize for posting anything with the word 'Mucus' on my blog.



Drink lots of fluids. Everyone knows this, but it is so ridiculously important that I had to say it. In my normal, healthy days, I am already an avid consumer of water, but I have UPPED it this week, let me tell you. I have had about every kind of tea in my house, but so far, the most successful remedy has been hot water, lemon and honey. Dan ran to the store to get me a bag of lemons and I have been downing this concoction since. It is literally my only reprieve from coughing.

Then, there were the flowers. They didn't make my fever go away. They didn't make my cough go away. They most certainly didn't help the fact that I felt dizzy every time I moved.

But, they made me happy.

And they were from my husband, lovingly, as I laid on the couch under a pile of blankets, with sweaty hair and not looking pretty. In the slightest.

Last but not least was the matzo ball soup that my friend Ari (who is due to have a BABY in 2 weeks) made me last night. It was so sweet and caring of her and I was so thankful. It gave me some relief from coughing and was absolutely delicious. I was so excited to eat it that I forgot to take a picture.

Thank you to all of my peeps who helped me out this week. I owe you all one!

Hope you all have had a better week!


  1. Oh sweetie... so sorry! We've all had nasty headcolds here...

  2. Hope you're starting to feel better!

  3. I have a cold right now and that soup looks so good! So simple but it looks delicious.

  4. nice! I love it, I will forever love the orzo soup, hardcore. I'm glad you feel better, loved seeing you last night. xo.


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