Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Shower - Oh Yeah!

This past Sunday I had the honor of helping throw a baby shower for one of my dearest friends, Ari, who is due November 12th.

Ari is the first girl in my group of friends to have a baby and I had been excited about this for months.

One of our friends lives in this really amazing building in downtown Portland which has this communal space you can rent out for parties. It worked perfectly for the baby shower since everything was already so nice, all we had to do was add some details.

There were many of us helping with the planning so we all took on different responsibilities; mine was decor. I wanted the decorations to be a little different and not your typical pink and purple pastels which you find at many showers. I started with this simple garland that I made out of paper doilies and raffia ribbon. I simply stained the doilies with tea bags and wove the raffia through them once they were dry. It was simple, inexpensive and I was really happy with the result.

The other little project I took on was the 'Baby Shower' banner (aka bunting). This too was incredibly simple using only burlap, stencils, ribbon, paint and a glue gun. I'm going to do a post with step-by-step instructions soon, in case you want to make one of these yourself. Also, how great is this space? The views were really incredible.

We had a bit of an owl theme going on which was our inspiration from the beginning. They were on the invitations and made little appearances around the room. How cute are they? I made these using a Martha Stewart owl punch and gluing the owls to little wooden stir sticks. I wish I could use these stir sticks every day. I love them.

Another detail that was important to me was flowers. I wanted there to be vases of flowers everywhere since I think they can do so much to any space. I spent a few months collecting vases from Goodwill in all different colors and shapes. No two vases were exactly alike, which is a look that I have often admired.

Then, there was the food, of which I can take no credit. The table above only has about half of what was actually served on it and it was delicious. I am lucky to be surrounded by ladies who seriously know how to cook. We had homemade butternut squash soup with sauteed sage, hot apple cider, stuffed mushrooms, cheesy bread with Gruyere, the most incredible Parmesan-artichoke dip I've ever had in my life, macaroons, meatballs and a plethora of other delectable delights.

This picture cracks me up because of Ari's face - haha. She looks disgusted, but I know for a fact that she loved all of the food since half of it was her recipes (she is a chef.) Tell us Ari, why so glum?

We decided not to do too many games since, let's face it, they can get a bit old, no? Most of the time was spent socializing and we had a bunch of onesies out for people to decorate, but the only real game was "Guess the Size of Ari's Belly." You had to cut a piece of string and who ever measured the closest was the winner. I still feel badly about how big I cut my piece of string. Sorry Ari!

After the games came present time! I love present time at showers because baby clothes are the cutest things in the world. It was also funny to see my friend, who I used to party with at frat houses, get excited about nipple cream and breast pumps - oh how the times have changed!

I love this photo. I think Ari looks beautiful and so, so happy - it is exactly how you want an expecting Mother to look.

With the shower done, we are now in full counting down the days until the baby is here! I cannot wait to meet her. I hope you enjoyed your day, Ari. Lovesies!


  1. Wow lovely photos. You are looking happy this pictures. This the best part of your being mommies. To see the baby clothes.
    Mickey Buarao

  2. I LOVE those decorations, Jocie -- with those views it must have been a challenge to figure out how to decorate and of course, you came up with perfection. You gals are in such a wonderful and exciting time of your lives. Enjoy every minute.

  3. looks like a very fun shower.
    loved how everything turned out!

  4. thank you for everything, joce!!!! it was the perfect baby shower! and i amazingly did not receive any duplicate gifts, wow! because it was so perfect, i will forgive you for posting that awful pic of me :) lovesies toosies!

  5. oh, and i've always gotten excited about nipple cream... just a different kind... ;-)

  6. What a gorgeous affair! The owl theme is too precious!

  7. how come you don't have one picture of you on here! You looked pretty. Ari did as well and I loved the owl theme a lot. You did such a good job, you are a good hostess. The flowers...eeee hahaha

  8. What great and fun ideas for a baby shower! Looks like you guys had a great time! I LOVE those decorations! Thanks for sharing! :)


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