Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sisterly "Advice"

My Brother and Me - Christmas 2009

Last night I cooked dinner for 11 family members as we celebrated Dan's birthday. I made lasagna, which turned out amazingly well, if I do say so myself. The weather outside was horrendous, making the comfort of warm Italian food that much more delightful.

After dinner we all sat around talking and my brother, who is 19 and wonderfully ingrained in the college mind-set, as one should be at that age, said this:

"It seems like all of the other generations have tried to make the world a better place, but it is my generation that will actually be able to do something about it."

My immediate reaction was to giggle because I too remember having thoughts like that at his age. College has a way of opening up your mind, stuffing it with ideas, and leaving you armed and ready to take on the world.

"Yeah, that's just something college students say, Conor, but it's not really true," I said through my laughter.

Then I paused.

How. Jaded. Am. I? What has happened to me in the 6 years since I graduated from college? I am 28 years old and already declaring the total inability of future generations to make things better?

I think it stems from the fact that when I was 19, I thought that Anarchists were cool, my parents were the most annoying people in the world and that the drinking age should be 18. I no longer give any of those sentiments the time of day and I guess just applied my own opinion of myself at that age to my brother. Not fair, my dear brother. My apologies.

There is something so special about that idyllic time in a person's life/education. Feeling empowered with knowledge and will is not something a stupid older sister should take away or criticize.

And so, Conor, don't listen to what I said before. Stew and steep amongst the freshly educated around you. Bathe in the promise of what you can achieve. Live in your moment and, if you have some spare time, remind your sister that she needs a reality check.


  1. What a wise sister he has! Loved reading this post!


  2. I certainly hope that Conor does make the world a better place ~ we depend on our future inhabitants more than ever!

    You are a good sister!

  3. I was talking to my hubs about that the other day. Where did our optimism go? It's time to bring it back!

  4. Were it not for the Connor's of the world, there would be precious little hope. The only difference I see between you and Connor is the fact that he's still looking forward to the task and you, six (or is it 8) years beyond that are realizing what a tough job it it to put a dent in the universe. I have no doubt that you both will make a lasting impact and your children reach for even higher and brighter stars.


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