Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fake Animal Heads. That's Right. I Said It.

Has anyone else noticed that fake taxidermy is everywhere? I have spotted them in malls, catalogs, boutiques - all over the place. While I am not a huge fan of real taxidermy, I find these to be somewhat charming, in a totally kitschy way.

Dan and I spotted this big boy recently and I thought he was great. I think if you had a home with really tall ceilings and the right kind of look, something like this could look really great.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Could you see one of these in your abode?


  1. Unfortunately, I have the real ones in my home. I don't want to add fake ones too. ;)

  2. Mmmmm, not so much. BUT -- if my husband wanted one in his office or his den -- he's have it. Now, if I had a log cabin in the mountains of Colorado, it might be just the thing.

  3. That moose head reminds me of the movie, "Return to Oz." I'm sure you saw it?!

  4. haha - OF COURSE I have seen it and that is so true! That movie was so scary!!!


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