Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Coastal Weekend

I had a lovely weekend and I hope that you all can say the same. Dan and I headed to the Oregon coast for his birthday and it was fantastic. The weather was incredible, which is not something you can really count on at our beaches, so we felt very thankful.

Due to the fact that I was having a lot of fun, I hardly took any photos. Sometimes I do that. The camera will be with me, but I just forget to actually take it out of it's case. La dee da.

To summarize the weekend, I will make a list of what we did because I love lists and they help me feel organized and on top of things.

This weekend we:

- Took naps on the beach each day. This was wonderful. It was warm and breezy and we had no idea what time it was.

- Checked out antique shops. Always enjoyable. Well, for me anyway :)

- Saw an Elk the size of a truck. Not even kidding. He stared at us for about 30 seconds before continuing on his way.

- Went kayaking on a little estuary near the ocean. I found this to be an extremely relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

- Biked into town and explored some of the area where we were staying. It was a challenging ride (darn hills) but felt great.

- Had a seriously incredible dinner at the Nehalem River Inn. If you are ever near the coastal town of Manzanita and feel like treating yourself - eat there. We both had one of the best steaks of our lives and a glass of Pinot Noir that I am actually still dreaming about.

- Made a campfire on the beach. One of the things I love about our beaches is that at night, there are campfires for miles, all along the water's edge. We had a big 'ol fire going and just laid on a blanket, watching shooting stars. I saw 5 of them.

It was truly a wonderful weekend, and as is the case with all good things, it was over far too quickly. I hope you all had a nice weekend and I would love to hear what you did!


  1. Sounds fabulous...Many many years ago - I lived in Manzanita for a 6 month period and worked in Cannon Beach. Beautiful area! Glad you enjoyed yourself, it sounds very relaxing! xxoo :)

  2. Aww you make me miss the great Northwest. I always think... why didn't I go kayaking and hiking more when I lived in Oregon?! Glad you had a great weekend. I remember a few Oregon coast trips... one to Waldport for a fraternity function! Those were the days ;)

  3. Just reading this post made me relax. My hubby and I went on a picnic saturday afternoon. Nothing so great as you had, but very nice all the same.


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