Monday, July 26, 2010


Today I Am:

1) Feeling happy to be married.

2) Bloated and hormonal (sorry, guys...)

3) Drinking a lot of water, re: #2

4) Motivated about saving, saving, saving.

5) Wanting to go shopping, which contradicts #4, but I have gotten really used to resisting the urge to shop in the last year, so I fear not.

6) Enjoying the hot weather.

7) Wishing I could be home today working on my frame project.

8) Thinking about what recipes to make this week. I get a lot of joy from planning out recipes.

9) Patting myself on the back for organizing a closet this weekend. It needed it in the worst way.

10) Needing to hit the gym. For REALS, y'all!

How are you all feeling today? I hope it is a glass-full kinda Monday for you!


  1. I'm feeling great! My parents and brother come out in 7 days to visit...can you tell I've been counting down?!

  2. Put me down for bloated and hormonal. HA!

  3. I have been hitting the gym a lot lately. I'm determined to lose 20 pounds! Check out my weekly weight loss series called "The Transformation Chamber." It will either inspire you or give you a good laugh.

  4. I was feeling great til I read about your bloating.

  5. It's funny that Jessica and stephen mentioned counting down, I am going to see my family in 4 days! FOUR. just four!

  6. Cute post. I love your dry humor :) I hope you're feeling better today get to enjoy the wonderful weather!

  7. Feeling great! Just got back from Northern California visiting my family for the weekend and found out that I am going to be a great aunt! Have a great week! Off to SF at the end of this one...yeah!! xxoo :)

  8. Oh aren't women funny, how we always have a million things on the brain! Super hormonal here too so I feel ya!!



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