Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stylish Outdoor Seating? Yes, please.

How great are these chairs? They are really whimsical and unique, yet still made out of plastic so you can hose 'em off when needed. Fashionable yet functional. I heart.

They also stack. And, apparently, still look nice if the wind blows them over :)

Happy Wednesday, also known as The-Week-Is-Halfway-Over!


  1. love those! I nice take on the traditional old outdoor chairs. Are they comfy?

  2. I like these chairs. Whimsical is the exact word for them.

    I made that Caprese Salad for supper tonight -- OMG, it's divine -- I'd never eaten one before, but I can tell you I will be eating a LOT of it this summer. Thanks so much!

  3. These are def whimsical perfection! Great find sweetie!

  4. they are cute and would look good on your deck. So would I with a margarita.

  5. Oh yes! So cute! Thanks for sharing.

    Ooh I've had a peep at your older posts, I think I'm utterly in love with your blog!

    Enjoy the rest of the week



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