Monday, July 5, 2010

My 4th of July

Well, it is back to real life today after a long and lovely weekend. There is absolutely nothing like a 3-day weekend to revitalize, renew and refresh. We took it pretty easy this weekend and there was a lot of lazing around, however on Sunday we partook in one of the great American traditions: the rodeo.

We went with 2 other couples, which included 3 English guys who have spent the majority of their lives living in London and had never been to a real rodeo. I knew it would be a cultural experience, to say the least.

In addition to our friends from across the pond, there was a gal who hails from Detroit and another from Pennsylvania but who has spent a lot of time in NYC and London. Needless to say, the rodeo is quite a change of pace for folks like us.

One of the first things to clear up: the rope they are using to wrangle that bull is a lass-OH, not lass-eww, as the English were saying. "Sorry guys," I said, "But this is one word in the English language that got it's start here in the West."

I love this picture. In fact, I love the rodeo. I have been to many a' rodeo in my life and it continues to fascinate me. I think the fact that this life, the whole cowboy/farming/ranching/country life, is so very different than mine in every sense that I just find it to be so interesting. It is always good to spend some time doing things you rarely do and being around people you are usually not around.

Whoa - watch out there, cowboy!

This looks like some sort of bull yoga. That is quite a pose!

Uh oh...can he stay on?

Looks like it!

I think even he was surprised he pulled it off!

In addition to the rodeo was the classic carnival. You know the drill - rigged games, greasy food and lots and lots of colors.

I love all of the colors. It is total eye candy.

These water-gun into the clowns mouth games have always been my favorite, especially when I used to play against my Dad and sister as a kid, trying as hard as I could to beat them.

Do you think Dan would mind if I put in some lights like this at home?

I hope you all had a great weekend and I bid you to carry-on with gusto into the rest of this beautiful summer.


  1. An all American weekend. Love it.

  2. What a fun weekend you had! Cracked up at the whole Lass-O vs. lass-Eeew thing. Funny.

    I'm getting my gusto going right now -- summer is such a fun season.

  3. I heart rodeos!! Did you get a funnel cake??

  4. Oh these pics are so great! I want to take my family to a fair or something now!

  5. I love the rodeo. We missed it this year. Looks like you had an awesome day!

  6. Oh I totally grew up going to the Rodeo! (Montanta) I wanted to be a rodeo princess when I grew up and marry a cowboy.


    I still want to be a rodeo princess and wear a sparkly white hat. LOL


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