Friday, July 30, 2010

The Most Needed Weekend Ever

If there was ever a weekend that was needed, it is this one.

If there was ever a Monday that needed a Friday, it was this past week.

If there was ever a week so long you literally could not remember Monday to save your life, it was the week I just had.

If there was ever a time where laying on the couch felt like the most incredible experience, it is now.

If there was ever a night where ordering take-out was the only option, it is this night.

Stick a fork in me folks, 'cause I'm done.

Happy Weekend to you all!


  1. Happy weekend to you!! I am loving my couch tonight too!! xxoo :)

  2. I have felt this way, when the couch is like prince charming - just waiting for you! ha ha! Enjoy your weekend and some R&R!!

  3. Oh get some much needed rest sweetie!!!


  4. I am SO with you! I hope you're enjoying some R&R right now!

  5. What happened this week?? Cute wording though. You should have come to the cabin, it was fun!

  6. I'm still done and the weekend is over. HA!

  7. Me too! I need a weekend from the weekend.


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