Friday, July 16, 2010

I Need More Color In My Life

I love color. All colors. They make me extremely happy. I am constantly planning how I would like to paint my walls and I find inspiration daily in all sorts of places. However, like many 20-somethings out there, I live in an apartment. While it is great and I love it, there is only so far you can go with decorating. We are not able to paint and make the place really our own. This has left us looking for other ways to bring in some color and interest into our tiny space.

I love the painted open frames. Look at what a pop it gives this fairly neutral space. I have started searching for interesting frames at thrift stores that I can strip and repaint in interesting colors. My plan is to actually hang them in our bathroom, which is desperate for some color. Dan and I stopped by a Goodwill last night and I found some really great frames with a lot of texture. I cannot wait to go pick out the paint!

Pillows are another way I am planning on adding some color to our space. I found these four at ZGALLERIE and I love how they all supply a color pop in their own way.

Then there is this bedding. I WANT IT SO BADLY!!!!! Throw on some pink pillows and I am in color heaven. My entire life, I have been attracted to colorful bedding but I ALWAYS go for a neutral duvet cover with cream pillow cases, or what have you. Well - enough is enough. I am going for some colorful bedding. Soon. And it might just have to be this one (Also from ZGALLERIE).

Last, but certainly not least, is this wall art that Dan and I found on Etsy. Talk about great color! We have been talking about these for a month or so since we first found them and I have a feeling they may be headed our way soon.

So - to all of you out there - what have you done in the past to add some color when painting was absolutely not an option? I would love to hear your ideas!!


  1. i love a little color too. sometimes i see these dreamy all white spaces and often dream of the same, but i think life is too boring without color. and there's so many beautiful colors out there to choose from!

  2. i love the colorful open frames. i've seen a lot of variations of open frames, but they're generally all shades of the same color, clustered together. it's really quite cute to see them all scattered and colorful!

    (shared on pinterest:

  3. I love color too. I just painted my office a bright yellow, bought a berry red recliner, and am using a LOT of Georgia O'Keefe paintings on the walls. Just walking in that room makes me want to swirl around and gush about how wonderful life is.

    Of course, I can paint, so that helps. My daughter lives in an apartment like you. She staples colorful fabric to the walls -- it adds so much warmth and texture to the drab walls, plus it's really unique. Some of it she scrunches up, stuffs some of it with tissue paper. She's always changing things up, so sometimes she'll leave the walls white and wraps fabric under and around vases, frames, and other doodads she finds in thrift shops.

  4. Yes pillows are a great way to go, and those painted frames are genius!!!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

    Oh and curtains!

  5. I love color only I am totally afraid to commit! I am with you on the pillows. I have been thinking about doing some color in our new house with pillows just to ease into a non white house slowly!

  6. Love all your color ideas - especially the frames! And Z Gallerie is one of my fave stores too....always find things to wish for there! Have a fabulous week, married lady! :) xxoo

  7. yeah really cute, I like everything you posted here. Ugh, I can't wait to decorate my own place.

  8. I recently bought a floral quilt bedspread for our bed. It's so pretty, and feminine. I bought it when my husband was out of town. :)

  9. these remind me vaguely of my squares! very cool over that couch

  10. Jocelyn, your blog is absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE this post--I'm getting ready to move away to college and into my very own apartment in just two weeks, and I've been trying to soak up all of the decorating ideas that I can. All of the walls in my apartment are beige-ish, so your color ideas are so helpful!

    And that bedding is STUNNING--I'm in love with those patterns.

    Looking forward to reading more!


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