Wednesday, July 7, 2010


After 16 months...

Thousands of dollars...

Hundreds of forms...

Much time apart...

Stress, waiting, stress and more stress...

And more waiting...

Oh yeah, and tears...

Dan FINALLY got approved for a green card. What we have been through for that little piece of plastic has been one of the most difficult things in our lives, but we did it. What this means now is that Dan can legally live and work here with free reign to go in and out of the country as he pleases. It also means that for 2 whole years (until the next follow-up interview to make sure we are still together) we do not have to fill out a single form. We do not have to gather a single document proving we live together/love each other/have a legitimate marriage. We also don't have to write any more checks. Oh, the checks. The government likes your checks, don't they?

This is all HUGE for us. It is our Everest. It is the big kahuna. It is peace of mind, and peace of mind is priceless.

The interview itself was extremely scary. We had to bring suitcases full of bank statements, tax records, medical records, photo albums, greeting cards - anything and everything you can imagine that could possibly, even if in the smallest way, prove we have a real life together.

In the week leading up to the interview we spent hours and hours going over it all and making sure we knew all of the important dates and all of the names of each others family members. It was like I was back in college, cramming for an exam. Except, this was an exam where you KNOW you know all of the answers, but are so afraid of the possibility of tripping up that you have to get that information absolutely embedded into the depths of your memory.

By the time we were there, sat in front of the immigration officer with our lawyer by our side, we were READY. The questioning began and we were getting through it all with flying colors. Everything she wanted, we had. Everything she asked, we answered. Until...

Until she asked me, "What is your home phone number?"

This is the one thing she could have asked that I didn't know. When we were setting up our cable and internet at our new place, it was cheaper to get a phone line installed as well, so we did it. Both of us carry cell phones and use those. I had no idea what our home phone number was. No idea at all. I felt my face getting red and simply said, " I am so sorry but I do not know that number."

She looked up from writing and said, "You don't know your home phone number?"

"No, I am so sorry."

She then looked at Dan and asked him. He didn't know either. She was not pleased and we got scared.

"I have it in my cell phone!" I finally said.

"Why don't you just get that out then and tell me what that number is."

I never wanted a technical device to turn on faster in my life. Afterward the lawyer said that he could see on my face how worried I was and he was trying to telepathically communicate to me not to worry - that they try to trip people up and much of it is an act, but at the time, it was frightening.

After about 30 minutes of questions, she announced that she was going to approve our case. I almost burst into tears right there in the office. It is done. Done.

The US government has deemed us "legitimate" and it feels really, really great.


  1. Congratulations what a relief this must be for you two!!!


  2. I've been following the blog for awhile and read a lot of what you guys have gone through. Just wanted to say congratulations! You must be relieved!

  3. yay!!! So excited for you both, this is a happy day for our family. That is funny about the phone. I thought you were going to talk about Dan's lack of date knowledge- "um, I was told we wouldn't need to know dates".

  4. I would like to point out that i nailed all the dates !

  5. Congratulations!! The whole scenario reminds me of the movie "The Proposal". What a relief!

  6. I remember that feeling!!! I also remember the checks. And I remember when my husband got sworn in as a citizen. I think he might have kissed his little certificate. LOL


  7. That's wonderful!! I have a good friend whose husband is working toward the same thing. I know how stressful that can be. Funny about the home phone number! Good thing it wasn't too important. :-)

  8. YOU HAVE SPASMODIC DYSPHONIA?!?!?!?!?!? I just got so excited haha. Cool. I'm glad you got treatment for it. I hope the botox is working well for you!

  9. Congratulations! How exciting is this! By the way you look absolutely gorgeous in that picture too! So cute! You guys need to celebrate this weekend for sure.

  10. That is exciting news for sure! Congrats to you both! That is a very lovely photo of the two of you! xxoo :)

  11. Hello! I just found your blog, because you found and commented on mine! I am SO glad to hear that there is someone else in a similar situation, and I can totally understand how you feel! So glad that it worked out for you :)


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