Thursday, June 24, 2010


At any given moment, I am usually obsessed with about 20 different things. Last week it was garlic, fresh flowers and keeping our bedroom clean. This week, those have all gone out the window - especially the clean bedroom thing. Poor Dan.

This week, I am obsessed with:

These green balls. I have them in a beautiful glass bowl on our buffet. I paid way too much for these green balls, but I care not. They spoke to me. In French. Oh la la.

My Dad's cabin up in Washington by a lake. I have many happy summer memories here and I am excited for new ones this summer. There is our car. Hi car!

This is the view from the dock at the lake. Totes obsessed with this view. I mean - are you kidding me? Beautiful.

However, above all else this week, I am obsessed with the view from our apartment. I love it.

We come home from work, open all the doors and windows and just listen to birds chirp and frogs "ribbit."

We live up on a hill right outside of Portland and we feel like we really lucked out with this place, especially since downtown is about a 5 minute drive.

I am also obsessed with the sunsets we get to see every night.

Oh yeah...and how could I forget these little do-das. We found them at Pottery Barn and they are little battery-powered lanterns. We have them all along our balcony and they give off a really lovely light.


What are you obsessed with this week?

PS - this is rain on our balcony. NOT obsessed with that. Not at all. Let's hope the rain continues to stay away!


  1. What a great list!!! Isn't it funny how our obsessions change...mine usually daily:-) At the moment i am obsessed with flower headbands, cupcakes, rubber stamps and just hanging out with my kids during summer!

  2. Love the cabin shot... you know I have yet to ride in your car???? I love the green balls and your deck. Post a picture of your new hair. Glad the camera is working out for you, I can tell these shots come from that.

  3. How fun! I have those moss balls too. I'm always obsessed with them. They are wonderful!! :)

  4. I think I have been to that lake!!!!

    so what drew you to those big green balls in the first place?


  5. If I did a post with my current obsessions it would be a mile long.

    Those pictures are lovely.

    I was just talking about this the other day. With all my travels one place I've never been is the Pacific Northwest. It's a part of the country I would really love to see.

    The view from my apartment is treetops and the building across the street. :)

  6. Great blog! So happy I found you!

  7. Oye! I'm jealous today for your apartment and its views in Portland. I have wanted to live there foreva! My heart aches for that Oregon green brought on by the not so lovely rain that you all have been facing lately. I, on the otherhand, just turned on the a/c... Nothing like feeding a warm sweaty baby in a warm house!
    I like this post so much--its very happy!

  8. adorable cabin

  9. What a view!!! I would love living in the PNW if it weren't for the perpetually gray skies. I think I would suffer from SADD. But still, with that view, maybe not...


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