Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Friend Amy

This is one of my bridesmaids, Amy.

Amy likes to goof around.

She likes to do things she is not supposed to do, either.

And she laughs while doing so.

Apparently this was happening outside before the wedding as I was nervously pacing inside, wondering where my bridesmaids had gone.

Oh Amy...

I do love you so...

Especially when you dance like this...

And this...
And this too.

I do believe the world is a better place with this girl in it!


  1. So cute! Also so happy you are blogging more. Keep it up I missed you!

  2. She looks hysterical. That's the kinda friend we all need in our lives!

  3. I have her everyday from 9 to 5!

  4. aww, she seems super fun! i have a close girl friend like that (also named amy) :)

  5. She seems like a fun friend to have!

  6. What a fun lady! Hang on to her!


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