Friday, June 11, 2010

It's All About the Details, Baby

After having gone through the madness that is planning a wedding, I must say that my favorite aspect was figuring out all the details. Many times it was the details that kept me up at night and fervently making list after list all the while making phone calls and googling things such as "free standing shepherds hooks" and "wedding shoes that don't look like wedding shoes." However, looking back, it was the best part.

While my dress was one of the first big decisions I made, it was SO hard finding shoes, which I talked about here. I ended up loving my shoes and I wore them almost the entire time. No, they were not comfortable but I was just so wrapped up in the day that I sort of forgot how much my feet were really hurting.

There were, of course the rings. You know, the endless symbol of love? Am I the only one who finds such descriptions a bit funny? I do love our rings, though, and I find myself starting at them all of the time.

Also, a shout-out to my Aunt Barbara in Pennsylvania who made this ring pillow for us out of raw silk. I love it dearly and it meant so much to me that she took the time to make it.

How great is this photo? I love everything about it. The two lovely wrists you see are that of my sister Caitlin and bridesmaid Karla. I am still obsessed with the fact that the bridesmaid dresses had pockets.

After my many trips to England in the past year, which included a few weddings, I became obsessed with the fascinators that women wear in their hair for special occasions. I brought this idea with me back across the pond and gave my bridesmaids the option of wearing them if they wanted to and they all went for it. Each girl picked their own and I think they looked great.

Oh, the color! I LOVE COLOR! All those's ridiculous how happy it makes me.

The flowers were very important to me. I wanted them to be pink, but I also wanted some variety so I told the florist to just go for it and pick what was in season and looked good together.

On each bridesmaid bouquet, she used a used a different ribbon, which I hearted a lot.

And here is one of the flower girl baskets. I really liked that the florist used a real basket.

My Mom and Auntie made these for a few of the VIP men in attendance. They were fresh lily of the valley straight from my Mom's yard and I thought they were so sweet. Thanks Mom!!

As soon as I saw these linens, I had to have them. HAD TO! They spoke to me. I have been obsessed with toile since I was about 10 (I was a weird kid) and so the very second these came into my life, it just felt right. However, since the venue itself was quite stark with all of the white beams, we needed some color. Hence, pink came into the equation. Our hope was to not overwhelm with pink, but use it as a contrast to emphasize the black and white toile.

For the table numbers, I used a Martha Stewart template, discussed here, and I think they turned out great. Plus, they were practically free and free is a term not often used in conjunction with anything wedding.

For the longest time, I was stumped as to what to do for wedding favors. I knew that whatever I did had to be edible because, let's face it, who doesn't like food, but I just could not figure it out! Then, one day while endlessly browsing etsy, I found all of these adorable stickers by Sticker Me Chic. This Mr. & Mrs. design was so cute, I almost couldn't stand it and I knew I had to find a way to incorporate it into my wedding.

Now, aside from toile, I have also always loved little bags. I don't care what it's made of, it is a tiny bag, I will want it badly. Around this time, I decided to hit up a Paradise Bakery for a cookie and I saw that they sell these tiny little beauties called chipper cookies. Ta da! Little cookies, little bags and cute stickers. We put one on each place setting and it ended up only costing us about $200, which, for 175 people seemed pretty reasonable.

Speaking of 175 people...

That was a lot of names to write. I wanted each person to have their own little card with their name on it.

Here is what they looked like up close. By the time we were choosing what the place cards would look like, we were pretty sick of spending money so we bought some cheap plain white cards from Michaels. We then found a little stamp and stamped each place card. This cost us probably less than $30 in total.

On either side of the place card table we had a vase filled with curly willow. We got the curly willow free from someone on craigslist and I then spray painted it black to make it all match. For the vases, I just found some ribbon I liked and used double-sided sticky tape to wrap it around.

We kept the guest book table pretty simple. Because we work in film and thus are surrounded by ridiculously creative people all day, many of whom were at our wedding, we encouraged people to draw pictures in the unlined guest book.

I knew from the beginning of planning that I wanted pomanders going down the aisle. Originally the florist was going to make them, but the cost was just getting too high so I decided to make them myself out of tissue paper. While I love the way they turned out, let me tell you, these pomanders were my Everest. My Anna Karenina. My triple lutz.

It took me 6 months to get 8 done. Tissue paper flower after tissue paper flower, I worked on these constantly. Friends knew if they came over, they would be put to work. Upon finishing the last one, I cracked open a bottle of wine and celebrated. For those of you interested in how I made these, I am planning on posting a step by step tutorial in the near future, but let me warn you, they are time consuming.

One of my most favoritest elements of our wedding was our Tea Cart Candy Bar. The tea cart was purchased off of craigslist for $40 (!!) and Dan repainted it white. We then had a mix of American and English candies and it was popular. There was pretty much nothing left by the end of the night.

Apparently, when one of the little flower girls saw the candy cart, she turned her basket over to rid of the remaining petals, went over to the cart and started filling her flower basket to the brim with candy. I suppose it was bound to happen :)

Lastly, one of my absolute favorite details: the lights. The lights are what sold us on the place and I cannot explain how much the room came alive as the sun went down. I remember having moments of looking around and thinking, wow, this is beautiful. It was everything we wanted, and more, which is just as it should be.

Happy Friday, Everyone!


  1. Okay now THAT is what I call a great recap girl! I love the photos and all your descriptions. Everything is gorgeous and Those round balls of tissue paper are daring! (whatever they were called, I'm too lazy to scroll back up to see.)

    Love the toile too.

  2. Lovely!! The christmas lights are beautiful!

  3. Oh, so many beautiful details. I love the ribbon bouquets and the lights.

  4. Yup, they did all look really good, Love the images of the details

  5. Oh miss Jocie, everything is just dreamy! I love the colors and the style, the toile is my fave!!!!!! I am catching up on your bloggy, loved the bridesmaid pics and the pomanders. soooo much awesomeness.

  6. Beautiful Wedding Jocie! Thanks for sharing your plans for the big day - looks like it turned out beautifully!

  7. Wow, agreed on those lights! They are just magical.

  8. loved the descriptions and details, you should submit to snippet and ink or martha stewart weddings :)

  9. What a beautiful wedding and those pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and for commenting on my post :0)

  10. What a gorgeous wedding! I LOVE all the details and adore your shoes. I had a really hard time finding shoes too! :) Those lights were amazing! Congrats!

  11. Magnificent Wedding.
    Rich details and unique touches.

    The Tea Cart Candy Bar... A+

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photo's of your wedding. The pinks, the flowers, the tables, the candy, the LIGHTS! Oh my!!! And having watched you plan all these details over the months before your wedding, I have to say I believe your wedding is one of the most tasteful, fun, whimsical, magical I've ever seen. WOW!!! Did I mention the pink??? Perfection.

  13. What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations and congratulations on the green card for your dear husband, Dan. I cannot be happier for the two of you. May your life together always be bliss!

  14. Hey! Came across your blog and have to say that your wedding was so cute - all the details were just perfect. Glad to hear you were happy with the flowers - they were fun! Hope you are doing well!


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