Saturday, June 26, 2010

Healthy Desires

I am always on a quest to eat healthy. Always. I think about it a lot - too much actually. Does this mean I always eat healthy? Uhm - no. But the desire is there, at least?

Yesterday I was doing really well until approximately 9:37pm when I decided to ordered a margarita while out with friends. Then another. And perhaps another cocktail after that.

Then some late night cheese fondue.



Oh is another day.


  1. thats sounds good.... as long as it is not everyday right? I mean we all have to live a little bit right? That sounded like a perfect way to go too...

  2. well that is the point of being healthy if you don't indulge yourself.... I mean seriously! That's the whole point.

  3. Haha at least it sounds like you had fun!


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