Friday, June 18, 2010

A Few Things I Must Address Here And Now

The following things must be said. Right here. Right now. Without reservation.

1) As my sister so eloquently put it, "Who slept with the weather in Oregon and never called her back?!?!"

We are suffering from a serious lack of warm weather here in the NW and I have had JUST about enough. C'mon Mother Nature - cut us some slack, will you? Portland was rated as the "greenest" city in America. We recycle here like our lives depend on it. More people ride bikes to work in our city than anywhere else in the U.S. of A. Heck - when the rain begins in early October, many Oregonians actually are happy to see it back - but we do have a limit, Miss M.N, we really do. Please let us have some sunshine - please? And I am not talking about this little tease of sun followed by an onslaught of clouds. I am talking some weather so hot that it ruins my hair instantly, makes sleeping unbearable and reminds me that I really should have hit the gym a few more times since the only thing I can manage to wear is a swimsuit.

2) The World Cup is cool. I like it. Prior to having an English husband, I spent about as much time thinking about soccer as I thought about geometric proofs, but I am totally digging it.

3) Nothing pulls on my heart strings these days more than the pictures of sea life struggling on the shores, coated in oil. Can we maybe, just for once, stop making everything a political issue and just help the people/animals who need it? Can we maybe give politics a run for it's money with humanity and humility running the show? Just an idea...

4) Candles from Pottery Barn smell really good and burn really well. I want lots and lots of them.

5) I wish was actually a planet that I could live on, surrounded by talented people and pretty things.

6) I really like things to be in even numbers, which is why I am adding a 6th "thing that must be said." I really don't have much else to say, but now I have an even list, so HA!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

PS - I know the cupcake picture has no relevance to this post. I just liked it. They look yummy. And they are pretty colors too.


  1. So I almost wrote this identical post and then I read yours and I couldn't be laughing harder. Except I did laugh a little harder right before that when I watched the press conference from last night with Ron Artest. Even if you aren't a Lakers fan you have to watch. Back to your post. My sister in law just got here yesterday from Oregon and she just moved there a month ago so I have been hearing about Oregon weather all afternoon.

    I totally got into the game this morning. Why? I don't like soccer. I got caught up in it and I agree it is cool.

    Part of the post I was planning to write was a scathing political hammering of all the people who can't put down their egos or their next election bid and actually do something! Totally agree with you on this one.

    Another post I was going to write this week was how I haven't had a candle burning in the house for as long as I can remember which just shows how ridiculously insane everything is around here.

    Not to mention if Etsy was a planet I would run not walk from everything I just mentioned except the baby and I guess I would just run with him in my arms and never leave Etsy planet. Oh the lovely crafting people with all their little hidden talents finally leaving their boring dead end jobs to find something that truly engaged their passion. We could drink tea and talk about thread counts and color wheels and all would be good in the world. Could we at least start an Etsy commune because I would totally be into it haha.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. One more thing. The cupcakes. Tell me you watched Cupcake Wars. If not. Don't. You will be craving cupcakes all week and I am pretty sure it is on like Monday night so who the heck has time to find a cupcake on Tuesday. I have been lusting after the perfect cupcake all week so ya thanks for making that worse. :)

  3. Can't help but notice that your "PS" is sort of like a 7th Item on the list. Probably because I like things in UNeven sets (although I LOVE things in pairs) that I even noticed. So, HA, Yourself, My Daughter! But I liked learning that bit of info about you.

    I do also love the pic of the cupcakes, and they ARE pretty colors, Jocelyn!

  4. Um... you botched my quote- "who slept with the weather??" wtf Jocie!!! Who slept with Mother Nature... get it right....

    I agreee about the animals.. so sad. I hate it.

    World Cup soccer players are hot.......

    And Bloggers love them a good cupcake picture...I liked your post, evidently so did "Charlie" up there- "GOOOD DAY!"

  5. I liked "Greek," but I kind of forgot my hatred of movies where people just get completely wasted and do crazy things... Though it did have a good message in the end haha.
    Also, I DO NOT WANT HOT WEATHER IN THE NORTHWEST! I'm moving to WA in August, and it better not be hot, or I'll be effing mother nature and not calling her back in order to get clouds and cool weather!

  6. Well said! Even as I sit in LA this weekend, I'm shivering in my shorts! When will summer be here to stay?! June Gloom is the worst thing ever invented - we are just thaaaaaat close.

    I can't even watch the news or look at photos of the animals. When one creeps in my mistake, tears fill my eyes and my heart breaks. They are the most innocent ones involved...

    Love the cupcake picture! You inspired me to start baking something Scrummy ;)

  7. Oooh I miss those rainy Oregon duck days! It is hotter than heck here... maybe we can switch a few days. Love #1 by the way and the way your sister put it. In reference to yesterday's post about wanting to sit on a beach and sip Pinot Gris. I did yesterday, well it was on the bay of Beaufort SC, and guess where it was from... King Estate in Eugene. I just had to get it since I was there last year for a Bridal luncheon! Mmm... enjoy the weekend!

  8. Right now wishing I were in Oregon... if you have nice cool weather. It is staying over 100 degrees here in middle Tennessee with about 80 percent humidity. We are not expecting a break in the heat for at least another week. I cannot walk from the back door to my car (about six feet) without breaking out into a sweat. Cool showers are a life saver... but once you towel off, you have started sweating. Thank goodness for ceiling fans that can dry you off a little better!!! This is one of our hottest summers... following on the tails of our greatest flood. Sheesh. If we can get Mother Nature to swap us out with your weather... well... we'd be a bunch of happy campers here in the south!!


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