Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wedding Recap: Part 1

Okay, so - I will give it to you straight. I had originally planned to do one big wedding recap as not to bore you all with post after post of the wedding-ish life events I have been through as of late, but who was I kidding? There is no way this was ever going to happen.


I had to break it up - sorry chaps :)

Without further ado, I give you - The Bachelorette Party.

My sister, above, and bridesmaids Karla and Ari had been planning for weeks. I knew it was the day of the bachelorette but I had no idea of the actual plans. I was told simply to be ready by noon and wear open-toed shoes. Done and done.

To my lovely surprise, I was taken to one of the cutest nail salons in Portland. It is called the Pink & White Nail Salon and it is right down on the waterfront of the Willamette River, which runs right through the middle of town. Don't you just love my pink "bride" sash??

The entire place is about as girly as you can get, which is right up my alley. My bridesmaids, Mom and Step-Mom were all there and I was treated to a mani/pedi; it was the perfect start to the day.

With beautified nails, I was told to return home for a few hours, fix myself up and head to The Nines hotel around 8pm. The Nines is one of the newest and coolest hotels in downtown Portland and I was super excited to get a chance to stay there. As soon as I walked in the room I was delighted with the decor. Whoever was on the design team for The Nines knew what they were doing. My bridesmaids had already been in there a few hours, decorating and getting the place ready. De-lish.

Here I am in my official Bachelorette throne. Yay for Tiffany blue velvet!

Not before long, the room was filled with my favorite ladies. Some of these girls flew in just for the weekend, which blew me away.

There was lots of catching-up...

Happy smiles...

And perhaps a little bit of drinking ;)

After while, I was told to sit down in my throne - it was time for presents. Now, I had told my sister when I first got engaged that I didn't want to have a lingerie party because...because...uhm...not sure why I said that, but I did. She, being a true-to-form sister, completely ignored me and did it anyway.

Sisters, Sisters
There never were such devoted sisters...
(name that film)

By this point in the night, I may or may not have had some drinks and I may or may not have had some jello shots, which may or may not explain the ridiculous grins in every photo.

Careful Jocie...don't fall over!

I received some really lovely gifts. Everything was beautiful.

Some of it was a tad racy.

And some of it made me laugh like this. Let's just say that this gift will only ever be known to the girls who saw me open it and my new husband. 'Nuf said.

After presents, there was more goofing off and then, someone just had to go and play Beyonce's Single Ladies and this happened - Single Ladies a la Jocelyn. What can I say? I am a complete and total sucker for any and all coordinated dancing and like to pretend that I too, can dance like Beyonce. C'mon, you do it too.

Around 11:30pm, the music came to a halt and I was told to get my purse and that there was a cab waiting. Before I knew it I was whisked away, along with 12 of my ladies, to Darcelle's.

What is Darcelle's, you ask? Well, all I will say is that it involves stages, ball-gowns, spanx and adam's apples. I will let you all figure that one out :)

Due to the fact that I never want any photos I post online to be used against me by a) jobs, b) parents and c) future children, you will just have to trust me when I say that Darcelle's was equal parts shocking, hilarious and exactly as a Bachelorette party should be.

The entire night was wonderful. Being surrounded by such wonderful ladies who have all made my world a better place to be. Love you, girlies!

And thank you, my sister, for all the hard work you put into planning my lovely day. It meant the world and I had a blast.

I still can't believe that I can say I've had my Bachelorette party AND it was 2 months ago! It was the official beginning of the wedding festivities and of one of the best months of my life. Oh - I miss it already!!!

Thank you ladies!!!!!

Til next time...


  1. What a fun day! Thank you for sharing all this and for doing it nice and slow, so us bloggers can "participate" and celebrate with you. I'm just so happy for you. Hang onto that sister of yours -- she sounds like she's just too much fun!

  2. Wow, what a fabulous night!!! P.S. White Christmas is where that "sisters" song is from...:) xxoo

  3. HOllllller, it was fun! I'm glad you are finally writing again. PS "til" has one "L". ha. Those rooms were so pretty, I want to go back. Remember: "We picked the 2nd house" "YAYAYAYYYY" HAHAHAHAHAH

  4. White Christmas baby!! :)

    Sounds like you got loved on and had a ton of fun besides! Can't wait to see the rest...


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