Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Last Few Weeks

Sometimes life is crazy and you neglect your blog for a few days.

Other times life gets just a tad ridiculous and you find yourself saying, "Blog? What blog? I don't have a blog - that's crazy talk!"

There were of course the holidays which always have a way of taking my routine for a wild and crazy night out with one too many vodka tonics, leaving it tired and thirsty in the morning.

Oh how I missed my routine. I think it missed me too. We went on a little date the other night, my routine and I. Turns out, we both felt abandoned by each other but have since talked it all out and are back together again. Communication is the key to any successful relationship.

Then there was my car. My dear, dear car. Okay - I will admit it - I'm 27 and still drive my college car. With certain things in life, I'm a bit of a brat. I refuse to drink bad coffee. I simply cannot handle cheap perfume and I will not, under any circumstance, ever own any other computer than a Mac. But, when it comes to cars? As long as it's drivable and safe, I am good to go. Expensive cars do not impress me and I couldn't care less if there are a few scratches on my bumper. I will drive a car into the ground before I get another and, as of a couple of weeks ago, I officially drove my college car into the ground. Her transmission gave out and I am afraid that her time has come. She could have perhaps waited until after the holidays and the wedding to put me in a position of needing to buy a new car, but I am sure it is nothing personal...she has gotten me to a lot of the places I needed to go in life.

Aside from the car and the holidays and yada, yada, yada - what really threw my little world into a tailspin the last few weeks was some bad news we got from the US Embassy in London. Apparently they are back-logged in paperwork and gave us a new estimate of Dan's arrival taking about another 3 months.

Crushing. Devastating. Sadness.


Oh yeah...anger. Sometimes anger is your greatest friend. Now - I am not a proponent of anger nor do I champion her cause - but there are a handful of times in your life where it is anger that gets you through: break-ups, medical scares, finding out that Brad and Jen are breaking know, the really tough times.

Sadness is defeating. Immobilizing. Paralyzing.

Anger can be proactive. Reactive. Powerful.

The day I got that news, I felt desperate for any kind of help. The thought of waiting three more months was more than I could take. I started emailing people. Talking to people. Facebooking. That's right - Facebook. I wrote a status update asking if anyone knew anyone at the embassy in London and if so to contact me.

Within 20 minutes I had a response.

Megan Turnell is one of my sister's very closest friends. She has been around for years and many of my hilarious high school memories involve Megan. A few years ago, Megan decided to take a chance and move to Washington D.C. and ended up working at the capitol for a US Senator. During her time there she learned many of the ins and outs of congressional culture and tricks of the trade. On this day of my quest to do something, anything, Megan read my Facebook status and wrote me a message.

"Joc - I can't believe I didn't think of this before but when I was working for my senator, we used to deal with stuff like this all the time. Call me."

I called her as soon as I could and she explained that each senator has case workers that deal specifically with immigration cases. She told me to call one of our Oregon senators and gave me instructions on exactly what to say.

Within moments I was speaking to an immigration case worker at the office of my senator. She said she understood what we are going through. She acknowledged that the process is long and drawn out. She offered to help.

This is where my anger turned to hope.

Apparently all the senators have congressional emails that only they can access (duh...) and she used that email to make an official request that Dan's application and interview date (the last step in our current process) be expedited.

Expedited. Never have I loved that word more.

Yesterday, finally, after months and months and months of waiting, Dan got his official letter from the US Embassy in London that he has his interview on February 1, 2010. 25 days from now. Less than a month. Assuming all goes well ( knock on wood), my Daniel should be here within a month or so.

Just typing that gave me the chills.

So...that is where I am today. I have my routine back. I am looking for a new car. I am happy the holidays are over. And I am getting my love soon.

The most important thing of all.

Hopefully the blog will be back in action as I need it as much as it needs me. I am fully aware that this post rivals the length of War and Peace, but I guess I just felt the need to get it all out there in one go. If you are still reading by this point, thanks.

I wish you all a wonderful day. Cheers!!!


  1. Woooohooooooooooooo I hope he's here soon!!!!!!

  2. Hooray!!!! Loved this post. I'm so happy for you. Let the countdown begin! You need to add a countdown gadget to your page!

  3. wow Jocie YOUR BACK!!!!!! I kept waiting ever so patiently for your return I knew you had a good reason!!! I am so happy that you and Dan are so close to the end of all of this. I am so sorry that you have to be away for so long, dang I missed you!!! you have the best writing its so entertaining and refreshing. Blessings to you and Dan, how is the wedding planning going? Thank the Lord for facebook right? Hang in there lady!

  4. I was wondering how everything was going! Glad to see you back and that you were pro-active in getting your man over here pronto!

    Here's hoping for an awesome New Year for you and Dan! I, too have missed your posts...welcome back! xxoo

  5. oh wow, congrats on that great news! i love stories of how fb and twitter and the like have brought people together to help each other! hurray for technology :) i am looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    have a lovely weekend, xo, katie

  6. That's brilliant news!!! Am very pleased for you x

  7. OMG that is so awesome. I'm so happy for you lady!

  8. That sounds like a little roller coaster of emotions girl... glad you have some hope though! I bet it will go faster than you think now! Gotta have those connections, and I'm glad you are back in the blog world, because I've really missed you!

  9. That's really good news! I'm glad you have your routine back ;)


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