Monday, December 7, 2009

Tea Cart Candy Bar

One of the first things that Dan and I decided we wanted at our wedding was a table full of a combination of English and American candy, which are actually quite different. This has been a recent trend in weddings and we totally jumped on board. I mean, who doesn't like free candy? Seriously.

These are just two of the pictures that provided inspiration. That first picture is pretty darn amazin' and I doubt ours will be quite that fancy, but you get the idea, yo.

As we were developing this sweet plan (get it???) my sister happened to one day spot an old tea cart outside and antique shop, took a picture with her phone and then promptly sent it to me with the words, "This is SOOOO cute and you should find a way to use one in your wedding!!"

This got my wheels turning and I headed to craigslist before you could say...craigslist?

After about 20 minutes of searching, I came across a couple selling this wood tea cart for $40. That seemed pretty reasonable to me so I bought it and I am really happy that I did.

Now, while the stained wood is pretty, I have some plans to update this cart a bit. Our wedding theme has a lot of black and white in it, so we are thinking of painting this a sort of antique white which will work nicely with our things after the wedding is over as well. I was also toying with painting it black, but that might be too harsh...any thoughts my little bloggy lovelies?

As soon as this cart was officially mine, I started searching thrift stores and TJ Maxx for glass jars, vases and bowls for our little candy bar and last night I decided to pull them all out and set them up as a trial run.

Because this cart is not very big, we are somewhat limited for counter space, if you will, but I think that it will work out nicely.

Side view. Just in case you wanted to know what it looks like from the side. With the glass on it. From the side. Side view. Ta- da!

I think once these are all filled with colorful and delicious candy AND the cart is painted, this will look pretty awesome.

I apologize for the ridiculously sub-par quality of the above photo...not quite sure what happened. Anyway, these are some really sweet little sticky labels that I found at Michaels. They are part of the Martha Stewart line that makes me drool, stumble and shake with desire every time I walk by it. Have you SEEN her little collection of glitters she has there? So many colors - they catch my eye every time.

So this is my plan with the labels. Every jar will get one and they will say what each candy is. We are going to try to only have English candies (or sweets, as they say over there) that you cannot find in America and American candies that you cannot find in England. I think that I will have my Mom write the labels as she went to Catholic school and, in my 27 years on this planet, I have discovered that those who attended Catholic school, by far, have the best penmanship I have ever, ever seen. Have any of you ever noticed this?

Yay for candy! Yay for tea carts that cost $40! Yay for candy!! Oh wait - I already said that.

I just really like candy.

Have a good Monday everyone :)


  1. What a fantastic idea! Can't wait to see what you do with it. I like the antique white idea. I bet it would look fantastic. Maybe you could put some kind of black fabric on top of the table to go under the jars. Table runner, placemat...? I have seen this idea before but have never been to a wedding where they have a candy bar. How exciting!!

  2. oh yum.... cant wait to see the end product

  3. That will be SO cute!! I think all weddings should have candy bars.

    And yes... kids who sat under a Nun's nose naturally have better penmanship! You are so funny...

  4. I followed Lemonade Makin Mama... cause who doesn't? Love the candy cart idea. Had to read further and am so glad I did. I am happy to know I am not the only one who has shoes that will be or are currently being used as "kitchen shoes" with sweats! :0)

  5. Candy makes me feel all 'Giggly' inside!

  6. yum. that is is the best wedding idea- get the guest super sugared up and dancing the night away. I like white for the tea table unless you can really commit to black. but those are such good deals and finds!

  7. You never can go wrong with candy. Oh, and how I would love to have that tea cart!

    I attended Catholic school. And yes, you are right ;)

  8. LOVES IT, yesssssssssssssss my idea.

  9. The tea cart is a fabulous idea! Everyone loves the sweets bar/candy bar/whatever you want to call it! Cannot wait to see what it looks like when you are done.


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