Sunday, December 13, 2009

Solid Truths

The following statements I know to be solid truths:

1) Morgan Freeman's voice as he narrates March of the Penguins provides soothing relaxation equal to hot stone back massages, the smell of fresh lavender and laying in a hammock in Cancun combined.

2) Egg nog can only properly be enjoyed warm with a nip of brandy in it.

3) Too much egg nog with nips of brandy will exponentially increase the size of your bum.

4) Saying 'bum' sounds much nicer than saying 'butt.'

5) The Dollar Tree is an amazing place to go for all things having to do with the need to wrap a gift. I discovered this today and felt quite cheated by my years of purchasing gift bags/wrapping paper elsewhere.

6) Rarely do you have to buy things full price. This is a relatively new discovery for me that has been both eye-opening and liberating.

7) Working out is as much about your mental health as it is about your physical health.

8) Making yourself workout is a huge pain the BUM.

9) The Wizard of OZ is the best movie ever made.

10) Birkenstock shoes should never, ever, EVER be worn to any kind of formal affair. This also applies to Crocks. Just don't do it people.

11) It is impossible to feel lonely in a good book store.

12) Long distance relationships can work.

13) It is not long after you get engaged that parents can no longer resist talking about you giving them grand kids. Especially if you are the first born.

14) Dark purple looks good on everyone.

15) In England, 100 miles is a long way and in America, 100 years is a long time.

What are some solid truths that you know???


  1. hahha cute post! bum and eggnog always sound good to me! and Morgan freeman's voice sounds the closet I think to getting to the voice of God...can you imagine any voice better?? lol

  2. I agree with your list especially number 11! :)

  3. Growing up my mom felt that butt was a swear word... we were only allowed to say bum. And instead of saying farts she would call them fluffs...

  4. Oh these are very solid my friend. Though I really enjoy those nips of brandy... And very good observation about dark purple- I swear I just said that the other day! Love that color.

  5. I love reading your solid truths. #1 and #5 made laugh. So the truth... :)

  6. Morgan Freeman is my wife's favorite Actor!

  7. this post made me smile! (:


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